Wilms tumor

Wilms tumor is known as nephroblastoma. Wilms Tumor is a type of childhood cancer that starts in the kidneys. It’s one of the common types of cancer in the kidney in children. Wilms Tumors often become large before they are noticed. This is a rare type of kidney cancer but it’s common malignant kidney tumors in children. Wilms tumor occurs around the age of 4-5 years.

A person with Wilms tumor can experience many symptoms such as :

1. Swelling in the abdomen.
2. High fever.
3. Chest pain.
4. Abdominal pain.
5. Weakness.
6. High blood pressure.
7. Suddenly weight-loss.
8. Poor health.
9. Nausea.
10. Constipation.
11. Color change in the urine.
12. Blood in the urine.
13. Vomiting.

TREATMENT OF WILMS TUMOR:   The treatment of this tumor depends on many things such as the patient’s age, medical history, patients’ tolerance to certain procedures, parent agreement, etc.

Surgery is one of the most important solutions for Wilms tumor. Nephrectomy has 3 ways to repair kidney tumors.

A.   Nephrectomy, a surgery of Wilms tumor helps to remove the tissues from the kidney. The surgeon removes the whole kidney. The other 1 kidney is quite enough to balance healthy health.

B.  The surgeon removes the tumor and part of the surrounding kidney tissues. This type of surgery is necessary if the other kidney is not healthy.

C.  The surgeon removes the whole kidney, nearby the adrenal gland, as well as other surrounding tissue at risk of metastasis.

Kidney transparent is one of the best solutions for a kidney tumor. If both kidneys are not healthy and the doctor needs to remove both kidneys, a person will need dialysis until a surgeon can provide a kidney transplant.

Chemotherapy is the other important way for Wilms tumor. High dose Chemotherapy destroys bone marrow cells. A high dose of chemotherapy helps to kill the cancer cells. The doctor will examine the cells of cancer. Basically, Chemotherapy targets cancer cells but many times it damages healthy cells also. Here are the side-effects :

A. Hair loss
B. Low of appetite
C. Low white blood cell count
D. Vomiting
E. Nausea
F. Constipation

TREATMENT BY STAGES:    This tumor has 5 stages.

1. STAGE 1-2
If the patient is in the 1st to 2nd stage and the tumor is not aggressive, then the doctor will remove the tissues. Chemotherapy often follows surgery at this stage.

2. STAGE 3-4
In this stage cancer cells spread into the abdomen, by removing cells that can damage major blood vessels. In this stage, the surgeon uses a combination therapy surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

3. STAGE 5 
In the 5th stage if both kidneys are damaged then the doctor will remove part of cancer from both kidneys.  The surgeon will examine nearby lymph nodes to determine whether they also contain cancer cells.

CAUSES:  Researchers are trying hard to find the correct reason behind this disease. The Wilms tumor most likely starts with faulty kidney cell development before birth. Wilms tumor can cause genetic factors. Genes stop the growth of cell development.

BOTTOM  LINE  Wilms tumor is cancer that starts in a child’s kidney cells. Wilms Tumor may cause any symptoms or may not diagnosed until it becomes large in shape.  Females have a higher risk of Wilms tumor. In the US Asian Americans have the lowest risks of having Wilms tumor.

Medical science has developed a lot. Wilms tumor can be cured within treatment and right time. The patient should get everyone’s emotional support. Keep your child’s diet healthy and the child may have trouble eating. So a high protein and fiber-based diet should be served to the patient.

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