What are the symptoms hepatitis c – is it curable ?

Basically, hepatitis is an inflammatory condition of the liver or viral disease in the lungs of the human body. Hepatitis is commonly caused by a viral infection. But it can cause by another many reason also.

Almost 4 – 5 million people experience hepatitis C disease every year. The symptoms of hepatitis c are very common with another health disease, so most of the people don’t know about it. The virus of hepatitis C can run through an infected person’s blood and fluids. The disease mostly spreads through the blood to blood contact and by the use of injectable drugs.

What are the symptoms hepatitis c

The hepatitis C virus can occur as acute or chronic which are very common in people. Acute HCV has some symptoms such as abdominal pain, fatigue, nausea, high fever, and mild headache. But many times chronic HCV can occur as a very dangerous condition of the liver or liver cancer.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C:  As we have discussed that the symptoms of hepatitis C are very common with another disease so many people don’t realize the real reason for the symptoms and they try to have other disease treatment so the liver does not cures fast. Many people don’t have any symptoms with hepatitis C. Within 3-4 weeks and 6 moths people could notice the symptoms. But still, there are more than single symptoms of hepatitis C disease such as :

$ads={2}◾1. Redness in the urine.

2. Clay-colored stool.
3. Vomiting.
4. Mild headache.
5. Fatigue.
6. Fever.
7. Loss of appetite.
8. Jaundice.
9. Abdominal discomfort.
11. Yellow tinge to the skin eyes.
12. Muscle aches and pain
13. Joint pain.
14. Itchiness in the skin.
15. Upset stomach or stomach pain.

Stage of  hepatitis C:   Hepatitis C disease can damage the liver in different ways and it has several stages :

1. Acute hepatitis C:   In the acute stage more than 50% of people don’t have any symptoms. But after 4 weeks it starts giving some symptoms and the symptoms also can last for 4 weeks. This is a short term illness.

2. Chronic hepatitis C:   Hepatitis C becomes chronic when the virus remains more than 5-6 months in the blood and it becomes long term infection. This stage of hepatitis C can create liver cancer, cirrhosis, liver failure, and death. In this stage, chronic hepatitis becomes active with liver inflammation. All the symptoms occur because when the liver fails.

3. Cirrhosis:   Cirrhosis is almost the last stage of fibrosis of the human liver. Normally cirrhosis has no particular symptoms until liver damage is extensive. But the signs and symptoms are normal with other stages such as loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, itchy skin, abdominal pain, and jaundice. Cirrhosis has some causes include: chronic hepatitis virus, chronic alcohol abuse, Wilson’s disease, hemochromatosis, biliary atresia, autoimmune hepatitis, and cystic fibrosis.

4. Liver cancer:   Liver cancer is the last stage of hepatitis C. Cirrhosis makes liver cancer, where the cancer cells develop in the liver. Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common type of liver cancer.

Risk factors of hepatitis C:   As hepatitis C are a very dangerous and deadly disease, so it has some risk factors such as :

1. If a person has more than 1 partner or some people who have sexually transmitted diseases, mostly HIV and the person most likely to have hepatitis C.

2. If a person ever has injected or inhaled illicit drugs then the person can have hepatitis C disease.
3. If a person has the treatment of hemodialysis for a very long time or more than 1 year, there is a big chance to have hepatitis C.
4. A person can hepatitis C disease from equipment which is not cleaned properly or should not use.
5. Tattoos equipment can be infected with HCV.  The chances of this type of the disease are very rare but it can happen.
6. A person can have these diseases if the mother has HCV and she can pass this disease to her babies very easily and which is very common.
7. A person born from 1945 to 1965.

Diagnosis:   As the HCV is a very serious disease so in its acute stage it is very rare for the infection to be diagnoses. A person’s immune system infected with HCV responds to the infection and only 20-25% of people will clear the virus from the liver and almost 70-75% of people will turn into the chronic phase.

What are the symptoms hepatitis c

If a person is experiencing all the symptoms of HCV, then he/she should seek immediate medical treatment to treat the hepatitis C. At the very first stage a doctor may order to do some medical test to understand the condition of the liver.

Treatment:   Today the technology is advanced enough to treat any disease. The doctor tries to remove the HCV viruses from the liver by medication. The medical treatment and also the duration depends on the genotype of the viruses. 

What are the symptoms hepatitis c

Research has shown that a new medical treatment called Direct-acting Antivirals, which are very powerful and prevalent to treat HCV. The medication only targets on the life cycle of the virus and tries to damage the virus. After the Direct-acting Antivirus treatment, the cure rate of the HCV is 80-90% and the medical procedure takes the time up to 5-10 weeks to recover completely.

Prevention for the HCV:   At the very first stage the primary step to take prevention for the HCV is too limiting exposure to the virus. Here is some prevention for HCV such as :

◾1. Minimize alcohol intake or stop alcohol for better and fast results.

2. Stop meeting HCV infecting people.
3. Always be alert about the instrument of injecting.
4. Stop smoking habit.
5. Maintain your real weight.
6. Try to stay in touch with nature.

Bottom line:   
Hepatitis disease has 4 types include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, and hepatitis E. All types of hepatitis are deadly in its own way. Hepatitis A is an acute disease and hepatitis B, C and D are chronic. But hepatitis E is also acute but it can be chronic in pregnant women.  Chronic hepatitis B and C can often lead to more serious health problems. If a person is having all the symptoms of hepatitis C, then he/she should seek immediate medical treatment to a liver expert. 

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