Vaginal probiotics

Probiotics play a major role to keep the human body healthy and also prevent many health issues. The human body keeps the bacteria level very healthy so that the good and bad bacteria balance each other out. Vaginal probiotics are touted as a way to introduce live microorganisms into the vagina of a woman. It helps to improve overall health.

But medical research has shown a report that illness, antibiotics, and depression damages the balance, resulting in infection. Also, weakness in the body can cause other serious health issues also.

Medical research has shown that physical intercourse (sex), semen, menstruation, vaginal washes, and also some medications can break down the balance of vaginal microflora.

But luckily probiotics are very beneficial to restore the bacterial balance in your body.

Vaginal probiotics

Probiotics are everywhere in the modern world, in drinks, pills, powders. Also, these days many marketers started suggesting that people need to take probiotics to keep the vagina healthy.

Are vaginal probiotics helpful?

Well, the facts are not 100% clear that vaginal probiotics are helpful. But some studies have revealed promising results. Probiotics are normally present in many healthy food items such as yogurts, miso, kefir, sour pickles, and also in the soft cheese.

Many people consume unflavored yogurt because it is one of the healthy food that is rich in probiotics. Also, yogurts are easily available in the markets.

Many people consume nutritional supplements to get enough amount of probiotics. Probiotics are very beneficial for many stomach problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, and periodontal disease, and other conditions.

Also, many people consume probiotics most often to address:

  • According to medical research, every 7 in 10 women experience one episode of VVC (vulvovaginal candidiasis) in their life.
  • Bacterial vaginosis is very common for a woman in their daily lives.
  • In the Netherlands, every 2 in 7 women takes probiotics during pregnancy to keep the vagina healthy. But still, there is no medical evidence that probiotics are healthy for pregnant women.
  • Some people with urinary tract infections take probiotics to cure their urinary tract infections.

Also, recently one study has shown that improvements probiotics don’t last long, they work for a few days. But probiotics can reduce the risk of 1-month relapse for females with yeast infection but it will not affect any long term cure rates.

The vaginal microbiome

According to the medical research vaginal microbiome plays a major role to keep the vagina healthy. Vaginal flora, vaginal microbiota, or vaginal microbiome helps to colonize the vagina of a woman.

It is a very complex environment comprising different kinds of microorganisms. People are unaware that more than 250 species of bacteria exist in the vagina.

Lactobacillus is one of the most common types of bacteria that live in the vagina of a woman. Also, there are many types of species of these bacteria such as L. crispatus, L. iners, L. gasseri, L. jensenii

Other bacteria among the 250 bacteria that present in the vagina of a woman such as:

  • Atopobium
  • Corynebacterium
  • Anaerococcus
  • Peptoniphilus
  • Finegoldia
  • Mobiluncus

All these bacteria are very common in the vagina of a woman.

Good and healthy bacteria play a major role to keep the human body healthy. Good bacteria help to strengthen the digestive system, wound healing, and also disease prevention. Probiotics are also very helpful to treat diarrhea, constipation, and other gut problems.

Also, some of these healthy bacteria live in the vagina of a woman that is known as vaginal flora and vaginal microbiome. These vaginal microbiome plays a major role to prevent many vaginal diseases.

Probiotics rich foods that are healthy

Many people consume probiotics rich food that helps to balance the bacteria in the vagina. Also, many women apply these food ingredients directly to their vagina for goof results.

But many people assume that all food products that are fermented are rich in probiotics. But it is not true. Yes, some fermented food products are rich in healthy bacteria.

Luckily there are some foods that are rich in healthy bacteria called probiotics such as:

  • Yogurt
  • Sauerkraut
  • Miso soup
  • Soft cheese
  • Kefir
  • Sourdough bread
  • Acidophilus milk
  • Sour pickles
  • Tempeh
  • Supplements

The most common for of probiotics is yogurt with active cultures that is rich in huge amount of probiotics and could be very beneficial for your health. But applying yogurt with the help of tampon into the vagina directly can cause many health issues. Because yogurt can promote the growth of abnormal bacteria also.

All these food products are rich in probiotics that are very healthy for the human body. Many people apply unflavored yogurt with 2 tablespoons of natural honey into their vagina directly for fast improvement.

Is probiotics good for your vagina?

Probiotics are present in every form like in drinks, tablets, powder. Many women around the world use supplements of probiotics to keep the vagina healthy.

Probiotics are very people in people. But according to the research, there is no evidence that probiotics are helpful for vaginal health. So if you are experiencing any vaginal problems then seek medical treatment right away. Your doctor will help you find out the real cause of your problem.

Bottom line

Well, normally probiotics are a living organism that helps to benefit the human body. According to a new study, the use of probiotics is growing gradually. But there is no enough comprehensive study to determine whether taking probiotics can be helpful for the human body or not.

But a doctor may suggest you to use probiotics to solve the BV and yeast infection. So make sure when you use the probiotics, you have proper knowledge about the probiotics.

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