Therapy aid

Therapy aids perform non-medical tasks such as setting up and cleaning treatment rooms and areas. They care for patients’ health a lot. They transport patients into different areas for better treatment and to provide better health care facilities. Therapy aids are the members of the therapy aids support team.

Physical therapy aids should not be confused with physical therapist assistants. Physical therapist assistant helps patients to treat by using medical methods.

Physical therapy aids responsibility:  physical therapy aids maintain many duties and responsibilities such as :

1.  They care a lot about patients’ health by providing them many medical treatments.

2. They provide cold and hot packs if the patient needs it.

3. They do good care of critical patients.

4. When the therapist gives any order to provide any equipment then they follow the order and provide many types of equipment to the patients.

5. During the treatment, they observe patients with mental and physical health.

6. They play an important role by taking care of patients all health documents.

Therapy aide salary They get a salary of about almost $25000 to $40000 annually.

Work schedule  Physical therapy aides spend a lot of time caring for patients’ health. They may be getting time only on their weekends. The work almost 8-10 hours a day regularly. In some circumstances, aids may need to help lift and move patients. Many of them work at night also.

Therapy aid

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