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Morbid Obesity: What are the risks of obesity

Morbid obesity

Morbid obesity occurs when their BMI is higher than 35, according to medical science. Body mass index is used to index your body fat. BMI also can help determine if the weight gain of your body is healthy with your body size. When morbid obesity occurs? This condition occurs when …

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Best Home Remedies for a Healthy Life

Home remedies are known as it is simply prepared medication or of unproven effectiveness observed without any medical or scientific supervision. These home remedies can not replace serious medical treatment and diagnosis, but it can you some relief from your pain or inflammation because of these all contain many medicinal …

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45 Best Super Healthy Foods

Here we have discussed about 45 best super healthy foods to keep our body healthy, according to research of the USA and Western European survey. Modern lifestyle is full of unhealthy foods and drinks, which is gradually increasing many health risks. Healthy nutrition is an important part of a healthy …

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How long does alcohol stay in your stomach?

The Internet is giving lots of information about how long does alcohol stay in your stomach and the main reasons not to drinking alcohol. But be very alert about the original facts and baseless myths. Because there are many baseless things and many things which are very much original. But …

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