Sinus Pressure

Sinus is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses, which are cavities within our skull that are filled with air and located in and around our forehead and nose.

Sinus headache is mainly caused by a serious infection or due to allergies that irritate the sinus cavities. Viral infection can cause a sinus infection, various other triggers can increase the problem of sinus pressure or it can worsen the sinus infection. Many patients face serious headache because of sinus pressure. Sinus headache is similar to migraines in some respects.

About 85% of people have had sinusitis at some point in their life. Many people experience sinus pressure from allergies or the common cold.

Sinus is found mainly in 4 areas of our face:

1. Pain in your head.
2. Pain in the side of the nose.
3. Pain in upper jaws and teeth.
4. Pain between your eyes.

Symptoms of sinus pressure

1. Nasal congestion or stuffiness.
2. Greenish nasal discharge.
3. Headache and migraine pain.
4. Pain in the teeth.
5. High fever.
6. Coughing.
7. Tenderness of the face.
8. Postnasal drip.

Home treatments

In many cases, home remedies, including those our grandmother told us to do can be effective and can improve inflamed sinuses. These treatments sooth irritated passageways and increase the flow of mucus. Here are the treatments:

Steam helps to soothe sinus tissue. Taking 15 minutes of warm shower can help to give the feeling of clearing them out a little. Taking a warm shower can help to give you the feeling of clearing them out a little. Warm water helps to increase body temperature when things get clear.

Yoga helps to drain mucus from sinus passageways. Some periocular yoga which works basically in your head can help to feel sinus better.

Yoga helps to give a nice relaxation to our heads tense muscles which are very beneficial to get rid of the sinus pain.

Drinking fluids can help to get rid of painful sinus. It actually helps to come out of the sinus pain and loosens congestion. Fluids help to thin mucus and cleanse nasal passage of bacteria.

A complete and enough sleep keeps our mind fresh and can help our body to heal the sinus pressure. A night of proper good sleep helps our body to release white blood cells that attack sinus viruses. A night of good sleep helps the human body to release extra pain so that can help to decrease sinus pain.

Research has shown that saline solution restores moisture to dry nasal passage and sinuses. Very effective treatment for sinus is saline flush. It contains salt which helps to keep our nose moisturize and helps to reduce sinus pressure. Saline helps our body to active cells and nerves.

6USE A SUPPLEMENT   Using a supplement like bromelain is a mixture of an enzyme, found in the very healthy fruit plant, that is pineapple. An oral dose of bromelain should be from 500 to 100 milligrams per day. Although bromelain is natural but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be side-effects. The researchers caution that some people experience mild headaches, allergies, and increased heart rate.

Taking fresh and pollution-free air is very important to get rid of sinus fast and cure it permanently. Many germs and bacteria exist in pollution which actually increases the problem of sinus infection. Bacteria directly attacks when we breathe.

Red meat, oily food, and many unwashed vegetables contain very powerful bacteria. Do make sure that after handling all these things you must wash your hands. And always consume cooked food which is not containing any bacteria.

A serious sinus may need doctors’ help. At the very first doctor may order to do an x-ray. If the condition is very serious then the doctor may order surgery. But the surgery is very normal but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be side-effects. You may experience allergies.

Sinus pressure is very painful and irritating. These home treatments can help to relax the sinus pressure. If you continue to experience the sinus pressure symptoms after a week, seek medical treatments immediately. To treat a serious sinus problem one should seek medical treatment. Sinus can be worsened if it’s not treated properly within the right time.

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