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Nasimahealth understands how much is important a person’s personal information is to our users. The privacy policy will tell you what information we save about customer and about your use of our website 

What Information we obtain ?

My privacy policy is applied for the website of

My dear, I’m not been able to help you directly or physically……so please if you are experiencing any health problems then please comment on my website comment section. I will help you with my best efforts. My aim is not to earn money. I have faced bundle of disease in my life, so I decided to help you with the best guidance.

I understand that how people like you value your privacy, and I have created this privacy policy to ensure that you understand my policies, what personal information you must provide if you wish to use certain portions of my website, and ultimately just how I share my personal experiences and information.
By my website I will share all the information about healthy life. I regularly upload real and updated health articles.

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