Pink eye vs allergies

Pink eye and allergies are caused by various reasons, but the symptoms of the booth are very similar, which is very easy to confuse them. Pink eye is an infection or inflammation of the eye, specifically the “conjunctiva” tissue underneath your eyelids. The main difference of pink eye vs allergies is pink eye is an infectious disease but the allergies are not.

Pink eye refers to a bacterial or viral infection in the eye but it can occur due to allergies also, which is called allergic conjunctivitis.

Pink eye vs allergies

Pink eye vs allergies

It is very tough to tell whether you have a bacterial pink eye or caused by allergies. But it is an important distinction to make because the pink is highly contagious, whether the allergic pink eye is not contagious. Both diseases have different medical treatments.

Symptoms of pink eye vs. allergies

Sl. No.Pink eyeAllergies
1. Mild itchinessMild itchiness
2.Eye rednessEye redness
3.Watery dischargeIntense itching
4.Yellow dischargeBurning eyes
5.Mild painGritty feeling
6.Tenderness in
the eye area
Tends to occur
in both eyes

Causes of pink eye

Pink is highly contagious and also it can spread to other people. According to the medical science pink is referred to as conjunctiva that can became inflamed for various reasons. Pink eye can caused by bacteria, viruses, irritants and allergies also.

Research has shown that the pink eye is often caused by one of the same viruses that cause your cold. Normal people can get viral conjunctivitis if they come in contact with a person who is sick with a cold or respiratory infection.

Pink eye can cause due to bacteria that cause strep throat or staph infections, such as Streptococcus and staphylococcus.

Allergies also can cause pink eye or conjunctivitis due to common allergens such as pollen, dust and more that can cause pink eye.

Due to chemical or foreign substances, you may get a pink eye and you may become irritated and inflamed. Chlorine is a very important chemical substance that can cause your pink eye and also is very easily found in swimming pools, smoke.


Pink eye – If you are experiencing all the symptoms of pink eye or allergies then you need to take medical help right away. Because it can be serious for your eyes and pink eye virus and bacteria can spread to other people also.

Normally antibiotics are the standard treatments for your pink eye that is contagious. The antibiotics are easily available in eye drops and ointment forms in the medical store. Also, you need to follow all the instructions of your doctor step by step.

Your doctor will give you the best guidance to recover your pink eye. So make sure you take special care for your eye and try to avoid those things that can make your pink eye worse.

Allergies – Antihistamines are very beneficial to reduce the inflammation caused by allergies. Loratadine and diphenhydramine are some examples. But you need to take your doctor’s advice before using an OTC antihistamine eye drops or anti-inflammatory drops.

Home remedies for pink eye and allergies

Using home remedies in the early stage of pink eye or eye allergy can be very beneficial. It is always a healthy habit to use natural methods to get rid of a pink eye or allergy. So here are some home remedies for pink eye and allergies that will help you to cure your eye problem such as:

  • Cold compress is very beneficial to soothe your pain and also using a cold compress helps to stop the sensation of burning and itchiness.
  • You need to avoid touching eyes all day because it can cause your eye infection or allergy worse.
  • Air pollution are risky and it is one of the major causes of eye allergy. Try to avoid going to those place that is highly polluted.
  • Try to sleep properly. A night of proper complete sleep is very necessary to get rid of the problem.


Pink eye or the viral or bacterial eye is highly contagious. You need to take a good care that time for your eyes. A proper hygiene helps a lot to recover your pink eye very fast. But some tips you need to follow such as:

  • Always try to keep your hands clean.
  • Wash your hands rapidly to avoid bacterial contact.
  • Try not to rub your eyes.
  • Also try to wash your pillowcases.
  • Also, you need to wash your pillowcases.
  • Try to avoid wearing contact lenses.
  • Try to avoid eye makeup also.
  • If you are wearing contact lenses then clean and replace your contact lenses rapidly. Also try to avoid wearing poorly fitted contact lenses.

Allergic pink eye can occur due to various reasons, but you need to avoid whatever you are allergic to, if possible. If you have allergies with pollution then try to close the window of your room when the pollen count is very high. But make sure you are taking a medical treatment also to recover your allergies and viral pink eye. Medical treatment is very helpful to reduce all the symptoms of allergies.

When to see a doctor?

If your eyes have yellow or greenish discharge coming from your one or both eyes then you need to make an appointment with your eye specialist. Also, if you have a crust in your eyes when you wake up in the morning then you need to think about a very special care for your eyes.

You may experience these symptoms as the symptoms of your allergic or bacterial infection such as:

  • Blurred vision
  • Reduced vision
  • Pain your eyes
  • Sensitivity to the light
  • Inability to open the eye in the morning
  • Your cornea becomes opaque

If you are experiencing all these symptoms then you need to take an appointment your doctor. Your doctor will guide you best to recover the eye allergy or your bacterial pink eye.

But if your newborn baby is experiencing these symptoms then seek medical treatment right away. Conjunctivitis or the bacterial pink eye can be very serious in your baby.

Last word of pink eye vs allergies

Bacterial or viral pink eye can occur due to various reasons such as bacterial or viral infection, as well as allergies. But you need to take medical treatment to recover your eye very fast and also medical treatment will help you find out the difference sometimes. Your doctor may ask you some questions to determine which one you have an allergic eye or pink eye.

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