Painful wisdom teeth – Teeth Relief

Most of the people used to remove their teeth from the back because of the painful wisdom teeth. When the pain is not bearable, a person takes the decision to remove the painful wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last third set of molars in the very back of a person’s mouth. It develops at the very back of our moth. The wisdom teeth begin to move up between the age of 16-25.
Painful wisdom teeth - Teeth Relief
Wisdom teeth pain can be treated automatically by its own process. But in many cases, people need medical treatment to get rid of the painful wisdom teeth.

Painful wisdom teeth have some particular symptoms such as :

  • 1. Excessive pain in the last third set of molars in the very back of a person’s mouth.
  • 2. Color changes in the last wisdom teeth (black or yellow).
  • 3. Wisdom teeth can start poke through the gums of a person’s mouth.
  • 4. Tenderness in the area of the wisdom teeth.
  • 5. Swelling around the wisdom teeth.
  • 6. Redness in the gums.
  • 7. Headache.
  • 8. A broken or damaged filling into the wisdom teeth.
  • 9. Painful teeth decade.
  • 10. Nightly teeth grinding.


 The reason behind painful wisdom teeth can be more than a single reason. Basically, the wisdom teeth move up through the gums. The wisdom teeth are painful because the wisdom teeth do not have enough space to grow or come in normally. Normally it emerges at the age of 17 to 22. The inside of the mouth is very crowded to develop wisdom teeth normally. There is some reason for painful wisdom teeth such as :

  • 1. Painful wisdom teeth can occur because of infection inside the gums or teeth. Wisdom teeth are very hard to clean and food and bacteria get trapped easily between the teeth and gum.
  • 2. Develop at an angle toward the back of someone’s mouth.
  • 3. Develop at the right angle to other teeth, because the wisdom teeth are lying down within the jawbone.
  • 4. Wisdom teeth can be painful because of any gum disease.
  • 5. Painful wisdom teeth can occur because of cysts. They can fill with fluid, forming a cyst can damage a person’s jawbone and teeth and also the nerves inside the gums.

Diagnosis : 

 If a person is experiencing all the symptoms then he/she should seek medical treatment immediately, because the painful wisdom teeth are serious and can damage other teeth.

Treatment : 

 If you are having medical treatment and the wisdom teeth are likely to be difficult to treat then the dentist may ask you to have an appointment with an oral surgeon to discuss the teeth condition.

1. Surgical removal : 

 If the condition of the wisdom teeth is very serious then a surgeon may advise having surgery to remove the teeth. Usually, it is very painful to bear the teeth condition. During extraction, a surgeon makes an incision to treat the area of the affected teeth area.

Painful wisdom teeth - Teeth Relief

Your surgeon may try to remove any bone that blocks access to the impact tooth root. You may have anesthesia which can help to numb your wisdom teeth area and sedation anesthesia can depress your consciousness.

How to get rid of the painful wisdom teeth?

Some home methods or some home remedies can help to reduce the painful wisdom teeth problem and can give a relive from the excessive pain such as :

1. A glass of milk : 

 A glass of warm milk can be a very good option to get rid of the wisdom teeth pain. Milk is full of calcium which helps to keep strengthen the teeth. But every person should have a glass of milk after the light dinner which can solve many bones and teeth problems.
Painful wisdom teeth - Teeth Relief

2. A glass of salt warm water : 

 Many people with painful wisdom teeth have found that gargling with warm salt water can help to reduce the pain of wisdom teeth. Saltwater rinse are very popular remedies to reduce the toothache. Sodium chloride helps to kill the bacteria in the teeth and which helps to get a relive.

3. A glass of green tea : 

 Green tea has no calories which help to give a refreshment to the teeth area and fights against wisdom teeth pain. Green tea contains antibacterial, anti-fungal properties which very helpful to get rid of the pain. Green tea is also very beneficial to treat many skin problems such as acne.
Painful wisdom teeth - Teeth Relief

4. Turmeric : 

 Turmeric is very popular from the old age as a painkiller and medicinal-herb which helps to prevent the pain of teeth. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties which are very known as an antioxidant that helps to cure and treat the painful wisdom teeth.

5. Warm compress : 

 A warm compress can help to relieve the affected painful area. Gargling with warm water can be very beneficial to release the pain.

6. A decent amount of sleep : 

 It is very tough to fall in sleep during the pain but tries to have a sleep that can help to minimize the pain for some time.

7. Talk less : 

 Try not to talk too much during you feel pain in the wisdom teeth, because it can increase the pain of the teeth area. So always try to keep silence during you feel the teeth pain.

8. Cold compress : 

A cold compress with some ice cubes in a towel can help to minimize the pain and release some pain in the area. You can have gargled with cold water which diverts the pain for some time.

9. Apply a ginger-garlic paste : 

 A ginger garlic paste can be a very good option to get rid of the painful wisdom teeth. Garlic and ginger contain many medicinal properties that are very known to minimize the pain in the wisdom teeth.

10. Oregano oil : 

 Apply some oregano oil into the teeth area which can kill the bacteria and germs in the gums. Oregano oil is very popular from many times that it contains many medicinal properties such as antifungal, antibacterial properties which are very ideal to use in the teeth painful area.

11. Have an appointment with the doctor :

 If the area is giving too much pain then you should have an appointment with a dentist who will guide you the best to reduce the pain and treat the wisdom teeth problem.
Painful wisdom teeth - Teeth Relief

Bottom line :

 Painful wisdom teeth can be a very serious problem for a person so if you having all the symptoms then you should seek immediate medical treatment. If the situation is very serious then a surgeon may order to remove the pain. Most of the people decide to remove the teeth because of the excessive pain.

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