13 Amazing Fish Oil Benefits

It is not possible to deny the fish oil benefits. Fish oil contains a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids which are incredibly essential for your body. If you have any problem with the oily fish, then you can take the fish oil supplement. Many people used to have the …

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How Many Calories in an Apple

calories in an apple

It is very important to know that, calories in an apple. Well, an apple is one of the most important fruit among all the fruits in the world. Apples contain a decent amount of protein, fiber, Vitamin C and also antioxidants. It contains 85% of the water that may help …

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How Many Calories in Egg

The information about how many calories in egg can help you to choose the right type of healthy diet plan. An egg contains a decent amount of healthy properties that are very essential for your health. Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and also healthy fats so it helps …

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Morbid Obesity: What are the risks of obesity

Morbid obesity

Morbid obesity occurs when their BMI is higher than 35, according to medical science. Body mass index is used to index your body fat. BMI also can help determine if the weight gain of your body is healthy with your body size. When morbid obesity occurs? This condition occurs when …

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Left Arm Pain – Causes and Treatment

Left arm pain or twinge in the shoulder can slow you down with deep pain. The left arm pain can be caused by many serious health problems. There could be a number of reasons, why your left arm hurts. Normally left arm pain described as deep pain, discomfort or uneasiness, …

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