Normal Blood Sugar Range

Normal blood sugar range are less than 100 mg/dl after not eating at least for 8-9 hours. People have type 1 diabetes have a pancreas, that does not make insulin.

Normal Blood Sugar Range

Diabetes is a disease in which your body has an impaired ability to either respond to the hormone insulin. With type 2 diabetes, you have cells in the body that are resistant to insulin or may have pancreas that helps to slow producing adequate blood glucose or insulin levels.

Your blood sugar or glucose is an important source of energy and provides nutrients to your body.

The body gets glucose from the healthy diet plan you eat, because carbohydrate turns into glucose that gives fuel to your body.

Normal blood sugar range in adults who are free from the diabetes before eating or fasting range begins at 72-99 mg/dL.

What is the normal blood sugar range?

The normal blood sugar levels are less than 10 mg/dL after not consuming (fasting) any meal for at least 8 hours. And also the blood sugar are less than 140 mg/dL 2 hours after eating.

According to the research, many people’s glucose level won’t ever fall below 60. When people diet or fast strictly, the liver keeps your levels normal by turning fat and muscle into sugar.

The low blood sugar level actually varies on person to person. Some people have always high blood sugar level and some low blood sugar level, while they always try to maintain their blood sugar level. For some people 60 is very much normal; for others, 90 is normal.

Target normal blood sugar range for diabetes

FastingLess than 100 mg/dL
Before having a meal70-130 mg/dL
After having a mealLess than 180 mg/dL
Before doing exercise100 mg/dL (if you are taking
Bedtime100-140 mg/dL

What are the complications of diabetes

High blood sugar level (range) harms your entire body. Blood glucose is precious fuel that helps to boost your immune level fast and balances all the system of your body. But high blood sugar level can behave like slow poison. It can cause various changes that lead to a hardening of the blood vessels of your body.

Type 2 diabetes affects dangerously almost every part of your body by damaging blood vessels. Here are the risk factors of high blood sugar level:

  • Diabetes increases the risks of many cardiovascular disease, including coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke and atherosclerosis.
  • Type 2 diabetes damages your blood vessels of your body, that nourish your nerves, especially in the legs. This can cause pain, numbness.
  • The kidney of your body contains millions of blood vessel clusters, that filter waste from the blood. But the high blood glucose level can damage the system that can cause kidney failure and many kidney disease.
  • Diabetes also damages the blood vessels in the retina of your eyes, that can lead to permanent blindness. It also increases the risk of other serious vision problems including glaucoma and cataracts.

Home remedies for normal blood sugar range

Research has shown that home remedies plays a vital role to keep blood sugar level normal. Here are 10 easy way to lower blood sugar levels naturally such as:

Physical workout

Physical exercise in the morning or doing yoga can lose your extra weight and also can increase insulin sensitivity.

Carbohydrate turns into glucose and glucose can increase your blood sugar level easily. But exercise helps to use glucose for energy and muscle contraction.

If your blood sugar spikes very easily, then you should routinely check your blood sugar levels. This will teach you are the mistakes you are doing with your self to control your blood sugar level.

You can do yoga, weight lifting, brisk walking, running, cycling, biking, swimming, hiking and more to control your blood sugar level normal.

Minimize your carb intake

Carbohydrate plays a vital role to increase the blood sugar level in your body. Because it directly turns into sugar or mostly glucose that gives you energy. But if you don’t burn those calories from carbohydrates, then it will turn into sugar that can spike your blood sugar level very fast.

The ADA (American Diabetes Association) has shown minimizing carb intake also helps to prevent the risk of diabetes in the future.

Healthy diet plan

A healthy diet plan is very essential to keep your blood sugar in control. Make sure your diet plan contains a decent amount of protein, fiber, vitamin, minerals that helps to minimize the risk of diabetes level spike. Also try to consume enough omega-3 fatty acids that are very beneficial for blood sugar level.

For a diabetic person, 1600-1700 calorie diet plan is ideal. But make sure that, the meal you are consuming every day is low in glycemic index (GI). It is very important to follow a healthy diet plan for diabetes.

Eat proper green vegetables, healthy fruits (apple, orange, kiwi), nuts, eggs and also grains (oats, whole wheat) that contains soluble fiber. Soluble fiber plays a major role to keep your blood sugar level in control.

Green tea

A cup of warm green tea on empty stomach in the morning is an ideal way to remove all the toxins from your body. Green tea helps to remove toxins and also helps to burn fats that can lower your blood sugar level.

Green tea contains 0 grams of calories that a great way to start your day. It is very important to keep your body hydrated and fresh, and green tea are great to do this.

Drink a cup of green tea with half of lemon juice to get better result in your diabetes.

Get enough sleep

A good quality sleep is always necessary to keep your body active and disease free. Poor quality sleep or not getting enough sleep can affect your blood sugar level and insulin sensitivity.

Research has shown that too much sleep helps to gain your weight and weight gain is connected with type 2 diabetes.

Lack of sleep can imbalance your hormones and decreases the release of growth hormones and also increases cortisol levels. Booth can affect in your blood sugar level.

Make sure you are taking at least 7 hours of sleep and always try to sleep at least for 8 hours daily.

Eat potassium and magnesium rich foods

Research has shown that potassium and magnesium rich fruit are very beneficial to keep blood sugar level normal.

Chromium rich foods include egg yolks, whole-grain products, high bran cereals, nuts, coffee and also green beans that are very essential.

Always try to say No to junk and unhealthy food that can spike your blood sugar level easily. Unhealthy foods like too mach carbs, packed fruit juice, junk foods and also alcohol that can easily spike your blood sugar level.

Eat garlic

Eating 3-4 cloves of raw garlic in the morning can help to balance your blood sugar level.

Garlic contains more than 400 chemical compounds that can help to minimize the risk of blood sugar spike. Raw garlic also helps to reduce many heart diseases including heart attack, heart failure and also cholesterol. Garlic contains many heart healthy nutrients.

Garlic also helps to prevent the inflammation in the body.

What not to eat for normal blood sugar range?

There are some food items that can spike your blood sugar level easily. Here are foods that is very important to quit to maintain your blood sugar level.

  • Try to quit smoking habit
  • Say ‘NO’, to your junk foods
  • Try to quit drinking alcohol
  • Minimize your carb intake
  • Stop consuming sugar-sweeten beverages

All these unhealthy habits can increase other serious heart disease also such as heart failure, heart attack, cholesterol and also obesity or morbid obesity, cancer and more.

Bottom line

If your diabetes spikes easily, then you should continue medical treatment regularly. Medication is very important to avoid further disease during diabetes.

You can regularly monitor your blood glucose level that can tell you what you should do and what should not.

People with diabetes don’t even follow a healthy diet plan to maintain the blood sugar level. In US, almost 50% young adults are suffering from the type 2 diabetes. So people need to take step to manage and control their blood glucose level.

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