Natural muscle relaxer

Natural muscle relaxer

Experiencing pain and soreness in your muscles is very common and the natural muscle relaxer is very beneficial to get rid of that pain. Some people used to take medicines to solve the pain while most people believe in home remedies that help to get rid of that pain.

Muscle pain has many causes to occur in your body. Here are some possible causes of muscle stiffness and soreness including:

  • Excessive physical exercise
  • Traveling for a long time
  • Pregnancy
  • A backache
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Influenza (flu)
  • Lupus
  • Dystonia

14 best natural muscle relaxer

From the ancient age, people used to believe in powerful muscle relaxer that will help you to get rid of your pain. So here are the 14 best muscle relaxers such as:

Epsom salt

Taking a warm bath of Epsom salt is a great way to get rid of muscle stiffness and soreness. Epsom salt is very high in magnesium that helps build-up of extra fluids. People used to add 2 cups of Epsom salt into their warm water that helps to remove all the stiffness from your muscle.

You can take the Epsom salt bath for 15 minutes because your body will finely absorb it. Research has shown that Epsom salt also has inherent properties that help to stabilize the body’s inflammatory response.

Worm compress

A warm compress is very beneficial to remove all the pain from your muscles. Warm compress normally helps to soothe your muscles very fast. So if you are experiencing any muscle pain, you can take warm compresses using a hot water bag or heating towel.

Warm compress is very tough to apply in summer. But it actually works really well to get rid of your muscle pain.

Vitamin D

People with muscle pain can consume enough vitamin D to soothe muscle pain. Vitamin D comes in many forms, including tablets, liquids and also in capsules. You can also have enough vitamin D with sun exposure.

You can also consume a healthy meal plan that is rich in vitamin D. vitamin D rich foods such as eggs, salmon and other foods (omega-3 fatty acids) and also fortified milk is very beneficial for your muscle. Many people used to consume omega-3 fatty acids to build muscle.


Magnesium is very healthy for muscle growth. Magnesium-rich foods such as beans, chickpeas, nuts, banana, avocado, oats apple, kale and spinach are very healthy that helps to remove the stiffness from the tense muscle.

Magnesium-rich foods work really fast to boost your muscle immunity level. So can include enough magnesium in your healthy diet plan.

Lavender oil, a natural muscle relaxer

Essential oil is known for muscle relaxation. Lavender oil is one of the important essential oil that contains a strong amount of nutrients that help to relax tense muscles.

You can massage your entire body with some lavender oil by your self to get a better result. Lavender oil also helps to give a refreshing feeling that may give you the feeling of relaxing and pain-free. Because it has some soothing properties that work really well.

Arnica oil

Many people with internal injuries used to apply Arnica oil as a powerful home remedy to get a better result. Arnica oil has Thymol that works amazingly to solve muscle damage and tissue exertion.

Research also has shown that this oil helps to regulate blood from bruised tissues where blood is often accumulated due to the rupture of various blood capillaries. Arnica oil is also used in many headache balm and salves that are derived from homeopathic methods.

Cherries and tart cherry extract

According to Sweden based research, cherry contains many herbs that help to relax your muscles. Cherry contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are very healthy to give a give muscle relaxation. You can make a healthy juice of cherries to get a refreshing feeling.


A healthy diet plan that contains a decent amount of protein can help to boost your muscle health. Many people have experienced that whey protein also very healthy to relax tense muscles. Try to follow a 1500-1800 calorie diet plan.

Try to eat those meals plan that is very easy to digest. Foods that are easy to digest, helps to give fuel to your body fast. The best time to relax your muscles is by eating a protein-rich meal plan after your physical workout. You can also drink a cup of caffeinated coffee or green tea for a better feeling. Make sure you are also consuming a decent amount of minerals such as iron, zinc, and potassium.

CBD oil, a natural muscle relaxer

Many people use cannabis in the form of CBD oil that helps to treat aches and pains in muscles. Also, research has shown that CBD oil works muscle relaxant as well as marijuana muscle relaxants are both are very effective for tense muscle.


Blueberries are one of the powerful edible fruit that is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. It also contains polyphenols that help to heal damage fairly quickly by reducing inflammation.

Also, regular intake of blueberries may even help to increase electricity and improve your overall health. So you can consume a decent amount of blueberries regularly with other healthy fruits for fast and better improvement.

Peppermint oil

The peppermint oil is known as one of the famous essential oil that helps to treat many health problems such as muscle pain, back pain and arm pain, headache and joint pain.

Peppermint oil treats sore muscles and also works as a muscle relaxer in the human body. The menthol in peppermint oil produces analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory assets that relax your muscles. You can also use lavender or coconut oil with your peppermint oil to get a better result.

Chamomile tea

Research has shown that chamomile tea contains almost 32 flavonoids that are known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile is known to relax the tense muscle and also helps to treat anxiety and nausea in health conditions because it has some relaxing properties.

You can also massage onto your affected area to get instant relief.

Body massage

Body massage is one of the most powerful methods among all the options to relax your muscles. You can use a particular essential oil to get better results. You can take help from a person who massages really well. Also, you can take an appointment with a physiotherapist who will be able to give the best course of action.

Yoga also a natural muscle relaxer

If you are suffering from muscle pain and stiffness, then you should do yoga regularly. Yoga is very effective to relax your tense muscles. You may not be able to do the heavy physical workout, but yoga is very simple and effective for health.

Yoga poses are based on science that not only relaxes muscles but also solves many nerve problems. So you can do yoga for 45 minutes in the morning every day to have good health.

How does a natural muscle relaxer work?

I have discussed 14 powerful home methods or home remedies that are very safe and risk-free for your health. You can also use these methods for a disease-free life. It may take some time to give you a result. But you can definitely notice the improvement in your muscles after applying these methods.

From the ancient age, people used to apply many home remedies to treat their diseases. Home remedies work really well and safely, but it may take time.

You can also use any type of essential oil for your body massage to relax your muscles. All the natural muscle relaxers are very beneficial for your body. Yoga poses are very healthy for your internal and external health issues. Yoga also helps to keep blood sugar normal and prevents many heart diseases including heart attack and heart failure.

If you are suffering from your muscle pain, then you can seek medical help right away. But if your muscle pain is due to injury, traveling and pregnancy then apply these methods.

Is all the natural muscle relaxer are safe for health?

Here I have discussed 14 home methods that are very safe for your health. All the methods are very well-known and beneficial for muscle problems. Home remedies should be used at the early stage of every disease. But make sure the reason for your muscle pain is very common. Using home remedies in the early stage of your health problems is always a healthy habit among all.

If the muscle is paining for a serious reason then you should seek medical help immediately. Home remedies are known for their simplicity and its improvements.

But make sure your muscle pain is not indicating other diseases. Muscle pain can occur because of your heart or kidney disease and also bone problems.

If you are suffering from your pain then make an appointment. Your doctor will guide you best with proper medication.

Otherwise, home remedies are enough to treat muscle pain. So yes I can say all the methods are safe for your health. All the methods are quite enough to relax your muscles.

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