Natural blood thinners

Natural blood thinners help to prevent the risk of forming blood clots in your body. Forming blood clots is very normal, but when blood forms clots too much that can lead to various types of health diseases.

Natural blood thinners

If you have any serious health issues such as heart diseases, then you should make an appointment with your doctor. It is very necessary to speak to your doctor before trying these home methods. So here I will discuss the best natural blood thinners that may help to prevent many serious health conditions.

14 natural blood thinners

Natural blood thinners play a vital role to thin your blood to prevent the risk of forming blood clots. So here are the 13 best blood thinners such as:


From a very ancient age, people use turmeric to fight against many health diseases. Turmeric contains curcumin that has anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning properties that may help to thin the blood.

In 2012 a research on turmeric has shown that drinking turmeric juice may help to maintain the anticoagulant status of the blood.

So you can drink raw turmeric juice every day before a meal to get a better result. Blend your raw turmeric into your blender and drink it.

Cayenne pepper

One of the best natural blood thinner is cayenne pepper that helps to break the blood clots. Cayenne pepper is loaded with salicylates that have powerful blood-thinning properties.

You can also consume the capsule of cayenne pepper that is easily available in a medical store. Cayenne pepper also prevents many health issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol level, and also reduces pain sensation.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very essential to break the blood clots. The research of the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements has shown that people who are taking higher drugs of vitamin E, they should avoid vitamin E consumption.

Almonds, safflower oil, sunflower seeds, whole grains and more are very rich in vitamin E. You can consume almond milk with a healthy breakfast to prevent the risk of blood clots. Try to use sunflower oil in your meals regularly.


Garlic cloves are loaded with antimicrobial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties that may help to thin your blood. Research has shown that garlic powder demonstrates antibiotic activities and antithrombotic agent helps to reduce the formation of blood clots.

You can eat 4-5 cloves of garlic in the empty stomach before breakfast. You can also add enough garlic in your meals that will help to prevent the risk of blood clots formation.


Ginger is loaded with the salicylate, a natural acid that may help to break down the blood clots fast. Also ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce the pain sensation fast.

People consume ginger to get enough anticoagulant effects to prevent blood clot formation. You can use enough ginger regularly in your juices, baking, and cooking. Also consuming ginger juice also burns fats fast. You can consume ginger tea to get a better result.

Chia seeds

Research has shown that chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that may help to break down the blood clots. Also, chia seeds help to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other serious heart diseases.

One study has shown that eating chia seeds for 10-12 weeks can help to prevent the risk of blood clots totally. You can also add chia seeds in your healthy food such as cakes, bread, juices and more to get healthy nutrition.


Cinnamon contains a powerful blood-thinning agent called coumarin. You may have heard that people with blood clots problem uses warfarin that derived from coumarin.

So you can consume a tablespoon of cinnamon powder with a glass of warm milk to prevent the risk of blood clots. This home method will surely work to prevent the blood clots or to breakdown the blood clots.

But don’t consume cinnamon powder in an excessive amount that can cause liver damage. So it is very important to stick to a small amount of cinnamon powder in your diet plan.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is full of many healthy herbal properties that may help to get get rid of many serious health issues. This Ginkgo Biloba is very popular in the United States and Europe. It also helps to solve many memory problems and to boost their energy level.

This herb also cures many other blood-related disorders. So you can drink the juice of its leaves in the morning to reduce the problem.


Berberine is a very essential supplement that comes from several plants. It affects everything in the human body positively. Research has shown that drinking a cup of berberine may help to lower your blood risk and also prevents the risk of a blood sugar spike.

Consuming it on a very long term basis can cause many other health issues such as nausea, constipation or stomach flu. So take it on a very moderate amount.


Feverfew helps to act as a blood thinner by inhibiting the activity of platelets and preventing blood clotting. You can also consume the feverfew capsules that are easily available in medical stores.

People used to consume feverfew to get rid of nausea, headache, and many digestion issues.


Pineapple is very rich in bromelain that can help you to break down the blood clots in your body. It also helps to cure cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. So you can consume a glass of bromelain juice that will help to prevent many heart diseases also.

Bromelain helps to stop the formation of blood clots that can be life-threatening. Also drinking pineapple juice helps to lose weight fast.

Beetroot juice powder

Research has shown that beetroot juice powder is very beneficial to breakdown the blood clots totally. Also, it works like natural aspirin and also blocking platelet function. So you can consume the beetroot juice also for a great result if you have no digestion problem.

Grape seeds extract

Grape seeds are loaded with antioxidants that are very healthy to protect your blood vessels and prevent high blood pressure. A study on grape seeds has shown that it has some herbs that help to thin your blood.


Nattokinase is an enzyme that breaks down fibrin, a part of blood clots. Natto has been used as a folk remedy for diseases of your heart and blood vessels for many years. Nattokinase is very beneficial to breakdown the blood clots fast.

How natural blood thinners work?

Blood thinners don’t make your blood thinner. Natural blood thinners do keep blood from forming new blood clots. Research has shown that blood thinners help to slow down the growth of forming blood clots of the existing old one.

Natural blood thinners help to active many factors in the body that can help to break down the blood clots. Also, those factors stop the formation of deep blood clots.

Some anticoagulants help to do this by competing with vitamin K from your liver. Making this protein is very necessary to activate all the clotting factors.

When you should use these blood thinners to thin blood?

There are millions of people in the United States who are suffering from health diseases such as heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. The formation of blood clots in the very normal but excessive formation of blood clots can be life-threatening.

Blood clots are very harmful and also can be a reason for death. Blood clots can occur in your arms and legs, abdomen, heart, lungs, brain and kidneys.

So if you are experiencing any health diseases from these, then you should use these natural blood thinners to prevent the blood clots. But before using these methods, you should take an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor will guide you best. He/she may also suggest you use these home remedies. If your doctor suggests you to use these home treatment then should use these methods undoubtedly.

What are the benefits of natural blood thinners?

Natural blood thinners are full of health benefits. These blood thinners prevent many health diseases such as heart attack, clots in the brain, lungs blood clots, kidney clots and more.

Also, all these natural blood thinners are very healthy that have no side effects of use. But if you use these methods excessively then you may experience many health issues. So use these home methods in a very moderate amount. These home remedies help to prevent the risk of a rise in blood pressure, cholesterol, excess weight gain and other diseases that can promote the blood clots.

Always maintain a healthy diet plan that is loaded with nutrition. Healthy nutrition is very necessary for everyone. Make sure your diet plan is loaded with green vegetables (tomatoes, onion, chili, kale, and spinach), fruits (apple, pineapple, grapes) grains (brown rice and oats), dried fruits (walnuts, dates, raising and more) also some healthy animal protein such as white part of eggs, low-fat chicken that can boost your immune level fast. Make sure your diet plan contains heart-healthy foods and also diabetes healthy foods that are very necessary.

Also, physical exercise helps to breakdown the blood clots. So you can do yoga or exercise in the morning for 45 minutes. Doing exercise is always a healthy habit than can prevent many hearts and chronic diseases that can be life-threatening.

When you should not use these natural blood thinners?

If you are normal and have no symptoms of blood clots then you should not use these home methods at all. But if you are suffering from various types of heart diseases then you should take an appointment with your doctor. If your condition is very serious, your doctor may suggest you to stop using these methods completely.

Your doctor will treat you with the proper medication, therapy, and surgeries.

What is the risk factor of natural blood thinners?

Using these natural home remedies to think your blood can cause many health problems. Natural blood thinners have many health risks such as:

  • Healthy blood flow during the period
  • Bloody urine
  • Bleeding from nose
  • Bleeding gum
  • Excessive blood flow from the normal cut
  • Dizziness
  • Allergies
  • Rashes
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle weakness

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