Lower left back pain – Causes and Treatments


Almost 70-80% of people in the world have a lower left back pain in their lifetime. Most patients are much better when they feel confident about their pain. There are many cases that have deep alarming causes. The cause can be cancer, autoimmune disease, infection or any other diseases.

Lower left back pain  -   Causes and Treatments

Pain in lower left back is common because it may be provoked a variety of problem with Internal organs such as :

  • 1  Kidney stone
  • 2  Kidney infection
  • 3  Women’s gynecological problem
  • 4  Pancreatitis problem
  • 5  Ulcerative colitis
  • 6  Appendicitis
  • 7  Aneurysms
  • 8  Normal pregnancy



Normally in most cases, lower back pain comes from tissue damage or muscle injury. Lower back pain could involve bones, muscles, ligaments in the spine and back in the human body. A muscle strain in the lower left back occurs when the muscle fiber overstretch. Research has shown that lower left side back pains common cause is soft tissue damage or muscle injury.


Kidney infection can cause lower back pain. The lower back pain can be an indication of a problem with an abdominal organ such as Kidney stone, kidney infection, Ulcerative colitis and pancreatitis. People with a kidney infection can feel fever, sickness, shivery and pain in the left side back.


Infection of the bones can cause lower back pain which is called osteomyelitis and it is often caused by rapidly heavy lifting or abnormal movement. Osteomyelitis is a bacterial or fungal bone infection which is a very serious condition. Osteomyelitis infection is treatable and curable. It is a chronic infection in the bone which may take a lot of time to cure but it is 100% curable.


This can be one of another reason for lower back pain. Tumors in the spinal column may cause extreme lower back pain. Tumors in the spinal column damage healthy tissues such as vertebrae and by compressing the nerves. Tumors in the spinal column have some symptoms such as :

  • Pain in the back, leg, and neck.
  • Walking difficulty.
  • Numbness in the muscle or in the arms.
  • Change in bowel system.
  • Spinal deformities.
  • Pain during the urination.


Inflammation of nerves from the spine can occur infection in the nerves. This can occur in the thoracic area to cause upper back pain or in the lumber to cause lower back pain.


1. Take a warm bath

Patients with lower left back pain has experienced that a warm bath helps to get rid of the continuous pain of back. Having a warm shower is like spending time in a spa. Warm water bath relaxes our muscles and painful areas. Hot water helps to release the stress and tension from our body which keeps our body and mind fresh.

2. Yoga

Today the entire world is following the rules of yoga to get a healthy lifestyle. Yoga helps to relax the tense muscles of the human body. Daily 30 minutes yoga workout can be a great method to get rid of the pain of the lower back. Some particular back yoga workouts can reduce pain.

3. Soft exercise

It will be hard to go for a normal workout during the lower left back pain. But some soft workout like walking can be great to decrease the pain of lower left-back. Some cardiovascular exercise is very helpful to reduce the pain of the lower back.

4. Massage

By a massage lower left back pain to reduce. Having a massage with an aromatic oil such as lavender oil or rosemary oil can be a great method to get rid of the pain. Some particular massage that will focus on your back and back’s nerve can help to get rid of the back pain.


Applying cold water or ice cubes can help to get rid of lower back pain. It soothes and heals the painful area. So cold compress can be a great method to feel relax from the pain of the lower back. Ice cubes help to calm down the pain-sensitive nerves.


An ointment that is prescribed by a specialist can help to decrease the pain of the lower back. If your lower back pain is at an extreme level, then seek immediate medical help, lower back pain can be the sign of bone cancer or bone tumor.


If the pain is staying for more than 2-3 days, then the patient should seek medical treatment from a doctor. The doctor will suggest the best treatment to get rid of the back pain.

Lower back pain can cause by a serious condition. Try to take a piece of advice with your doctor immediately if you experience :

  • 1  Nausea.
  • 2  Vomiting.
  • 3  Shortness of vomiting.
  • 4  Fever.
  • 5  Painful feeling in urination.
  • 6  Blood in the urine.
  • 7  Unusual weakness in the lower body.


Lower back pain can turn into worse so keep in contact with your doctor. Your doctor will guide you with proper treatment and medications.

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