Jicama carbs

Jicama is a root vegetable that is very rich in nutrients. Jicama carbs and protein helps to benefit your health you avoid various health problems. It has been used for thousands of years as a healthy dietary element and also contains medicinal properties. Jicama is very similar to potatoes that are very healthy for you. Many people love to consume raw jicama to keep themselves hydrated and fresh as it is loaded with water.

Jicama carbs

Nutrition value of jicama (100g)

Carbohydrates9 g
Protein0.7 g
Sugar1.8 g
Dietary fiber4.9 g
Sodium4 mg
Fat0.1 g
VitaminsA, B, C, D
MineralsIron, Zinc,

Jicama carbs

Jicama is a very strong source of healthy carbohydrates that are very essential for your body. 100 grams of jicama contains 38 grams of carbohydrates that play a vital role to keep your body healthy. Also jicama is loaded with fiber and it is considered as low glycemic food that every person should consume.

Health benefits of jicama

Jicama is very healthy because it is rich in nutrients such as carbs, protein, sugar, vitamins that benefit your health. So here are the health benefits of eating jicama including:

Jicama carbs can boost immunity

Jicama is very healthy to boost your immunity level very fast. It is rich in carbs, sugar, protein, and also fiber that are very necessary to boost your energy. Research has shown that eating 100 grams of jicama can help to give 40% of your daily requirement. Also, it is very rich in vitamin C that is very necessary to boost the immune level and to stimulate the white blood cells.

One study has shown that eating jicama also can fight against many bacterial, fungal, and infectious diseases. So you can consume enough jicama to keep your body healthy and to boost your immune level.

Improves digestive health

Jicama is very rich in dietary fiber that is very healthy to boost your digestive health. Dietary fiber is very healthy to boost the digestive system. Also, according to the research, foods that are rich in fiber can increase the bulk of stool, thereby helping it move through your digestive tract and aiding conditions like constipation. Many people with eating disorders have experienced that jicama helps to prevent vomiting and nausea after eating a meal.

Jicama contains soluble fiber that every person should eat regularly. If you have type 2 diabetes then you can consume the jicama regularly. Eating jicama can help to break a bowel blockage also.

Contains anti-cancer properties

Jicama contains some anti-cancer properties that can help to fight against cancer disease. You can eat jicama to prevent colon cancer and blood cancer especially. One research led by Otles and Ozgoz has shown that jicama is loaded with antioxidants and dietary fiber that are very beneficial to fight against cancer disease.

Also, jicama is very healthy to solve many Gastroparesis disease. So you can consume enough jicama as healthy Gastroparesis food.

Improves blood circulation

Jicama is very rich in minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc, and copper that are very healthy for blood circulation. Iron and copper are very essential to boost the red blood cells. Also, it helps to allow oxygenated blood to flow through the body and may assist in reducing the risk of anemia in your body.

So can consume a decent amount of jicama to boost the

Good for brain health

Vitamin B6 is very healthy for your brain health that can preserve cognitive abilities. Jicama is rich in vitamin B6 that may help you to solve many brain-related diseases. So you can have jicama with a healthy diet plan to boost your brain health.

Strengthen bones

Jicama is very rich in calcium and protein that promotes your bone health. Also, jicama is loaded with minerals and vitamins that are very necessary for your bone health. Vitamin D and calcium are known to boost bone health. It also helps health bone injury very fast.

Jicama carbs can lose weight

100 grams of jicama contains 38 calories that are very low. The carbs in jicama are very low also. So you can consume a decent amount of jicama in your weight loss diet plan. Many people consume the juice of jicama with lemon juice as a healthy weight loss juice. Also, jicama is rich in dietary fiber and protein that is very necessary to boost metabolism that can promote your weight loss.

Also, many people with morbid obesity love to consume jicama and cantaloupe juice mixing together to get fast results. So you can consume enough jicama that will help you to manage your weight very fast.

Decreases heart diseases

Jicama is a very heart-healthy food that can prevent many heart diseases. Also, eating jicama juice in the morning can help to lower your blood pressure. Research has shown that eating raw jicama can help to prevent the risk of your sudden blood pressure spike. High blood pressure can cause heart failure, heart attack and also many damages in your heart that can be a life threat.

Also, it prevents the risk of clots in the heart, lungs clots and also brain clots that are very serious. So you can drink a glass of jicama juice to stop raising blood pressure.

Reduces cholesterol

Jicama has no cholesterol and loaded with nutrients that your body needs to main the cholesterol level. Jicama is known to lower the bad cholesterol called LDL that increases many heart and kidney diseases. Also, unhealthy cholesterol levels may cause cancer and spinal stroke that can be very serious for your health. So you need to consume enough amount of jicama if you are suffering from high cholesterol level.

Jicama carbs may control diabetes

Jicama contains protein, vitamins and also very rich in soluble fiber that is very necessary to keep your blood sugar normal. According to medical research, jicama is a diabetes healthy food that can prevent the risk of a sudden blood sugar spike. The glycemic index of jicama is very low that supports your diabetic health. Also, it contains sugar that is very healthy because it is natural sugar.

So if you have type 2 diabetes problem then you can eat some jicama with your healthy diet plan. Because jicama is are very rich in protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins that are very healthy to keep glucose level normal.

But if you are not able to eat jicama or not available in your area then you can also consume other root vegetables also such as sweet baked potatoes, carrot and beetroot. It is always a healthy habit to eat some root vegetables that are very healthy for you. It is a high protein food option that can keep you very healthy.

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