Is pizza healthy

The answer to the “Is pizza healthy?” questions depend on various factors such as calories, healthy benefits, health risks and more. Pizza is one of the favorite food of everyone around the world almost. Pizza is normally very high in calories, carbs, and sodium and it is labeled as unhealthy food for health, according to the market.

Is pizza healthy

Nutritional value of pizza

There are various types of pizzas in the market that contain a different amount of calories and carbs. So here I will discuss the most common type of pizza that we all eat regularly.

Carbohydrate33 g
Fat10 g
VitaminA, C, D
Protein11 g
Sodium598 mg
Sugar3.6 g
Cholesterol17 mg
Potassium172 mg

Most types of pizzas are highly loaded with calories, carbs, and sodium. Also, they topped with lots of cheese and meats and many high-calorie slices of bacon, sausage, black olives, extra cheese and also mushrooms.

Also, some pizzas contain sugar that increases the regular calorie of a pizza. Frozen pizza can be healthy for dinner, but they do can vary in terms of ingredients and the value of nutrition level. It is very necessary to read the label of every food to know its ingredients and calories.

A small sized cheese pizza provides only about 168 calories. Also, a single 10-ounce slice of Costco pepperoni pizza contains around 600 calories.

How to increase the nutritional value of a pizza?

You can make pizza at your home or in a restaurant where you can choose the ingredients of your pizza. Here are some tips that you should follow to make your pizza healthy and fewer calories such as:

  • Make a thin crust pizza that decreases the calories. The regular slice of pizza crust contains around 110 calories that are very huge calories to eat. But the thin crust pizza contains only 60-65 calories.
  • Eat whole wheat crust that is very healthy for you. The regular crust is loaded with carbohydrates and has no fiber. But the whole wheat crust is very high in protein and fiber that you can consume. You can also use grinned oats to make your pizza crust.
  • Try to avoid dipping sauce that is rich in high calories. Dipping sauce such as garlic butter and ranch increases the calorie count of your pizza.
  • Try to skip the bread-sticks that contain around 200 calories to your pizza.
  • Add healthy toppings into your pizza such as grilled shrimp, green peas, asparagus spears, lemon grilled chicken, fresh minced garlic, eggs, corn, and also black beans that are very essential for your health.
  • Order the traditional pizza that has fewer calories. But the white pizza is loaded with high calories that can be unhealthy for you. A normal white pizza contains around 300 calories.

How is pizza healthy?

Pizza is loaded with huge calories, carbs, sodium and fats that can make you feel that you are eating unhealthy food. But pizza can be very beneficial for various reasons. Pizza is loaded with vegetables and lean proteins that can provide ample nutrients that you need to consume in your daily diet plan.

Make sure you are adding less amount of oil and try to avoid the unhealthy oil that can make pizza a great option for you.

Pizza is very high in calories and it can help to boost your immunity level very fast. It balances your energy level to keep your body active and energetic.

Research has shown that healthy ingredients with fewer calories of pizza are diabetes healthy food that can help to balance your blood sugar level in your body. But make sure your pizza is very low in carbs and sodium.

Pizza contains many healthy topping such as grilled shrimp, green peas, asparagus spears, lemon grilled chicken, fresh minced garlic, corn, and also black beans that are very healthy for your diet plan. So you can consume it as a healthy option to boost your diet plan.

You can also add low-fat cheese in your pizza topping that can help to minimize the calorie intake of your pizza. Regular pizza is very high in full-fat cheese that can increase the calorie.

Whether you make the pizza for yourself or order it from the shop, you can control which ingredients are served. You can ask the shopkeeper for the healthy ingredients you want from your pizza. The combination of pizza is limitless because you can consume healthy toppings as much as you want. So make sure you are choosing the healthy pizza option.

Is pizza healthy to lose weight?

Not at all. Pizza is loaded with a huge amount of calories, carbs, saturated fats, sodium and also has less amount of fiber. Pizza is always a healthy junk food that can make you fuller.

A regular-sized (100grams) pizza contains 266 calories that are not healthy to lose weight. But if you are making your pizza at home and adding healthy and delicious ingredients such as low-fat chicken, low-fat cheese, tomatoes, beans and also other vegetables that can help to lose weight.

Pizza contains a decent amount of sodium and sugar that can increase your weight fast. So I can clearly say that to lose weight, pizza is not a healthy option at all. Also, pizza is very high in the GI (glycemic index) that can take a long time to digest. Pizza has no soluble fiber that is very necessary for weight loss.

Try to avoid the market-based pizzas that are very unhealthy for many reasons. A regular marked pizza can gain weight and create the risk of obesity or morbid obesity. So make sure you are adding the essential nutrients.

Pizza is loaded with unhealthy fats, coloring, and preservatives that can harm your overall health condition. So you can also give the right ingredients to your pizza maker to make the pizza very less calorie.

Is pizza healthy for the heart?

It is very wrong to say that pizza is a heart-healthy food. It can be very healthy for you if you make it in the right way. Make sure you are minimizing the saturated fats from the pizza. Saturated fats are very dangerous for heart patients and increase many problems such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood clots, heart failure that are life-threatening.

Always try to consume the right food that is very balanced with minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc that can be very heart-healthy for you.

Eat only those foods that are very low in GI and contains soluble fiber. Dietary fiber is very necessary for your heart health and to keep blood sugar normal.

So you can consume pizza by avoiding unhealthy ingredients. You can eat pizza occasionally. Because eating pizza regularly can increase health problems such as high blood pressure, liver damage, lungs blood clots, brain clots and various types of cancer (colon cancer).

Why is a pizza not healthy?

Pizza is loaded with many healthy toppings that make the pizza healthy and delicious. But still, pizza is not healthy for various reason such as:

  • Pizza is very high in calories and carbs that are very unhealthy for heart patients
  • Consuming pizza can increase the chances of type 2 diabetes
  • It is also very low in dietary fiber that healthy food should contain. But pizza almost has no fiber.
  • Pizza also contains saturated fats that are very dangerous for overall health. It can increase your cholesterol level.
  • Pizza is very high in glycemic index that a person should not consume regularly.
  • It takes a longer time to digest so pizza can damage your digestive system.
  • After eating a high calorie of pizza you may feel nausea and vomiting. Also, after eating pizza you may suffer from stomach problems such as stomach flu. After that, you may need to follow a Gastroparesis diet plan.
  • Also eating pizza can damage your bowel movement and can increase the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids.

Is pizza healthy for regular eating?

A regular pizza is very unhealthy for regular eating. But if you are making your pizza in your home with a healthy method then you can eat pizza regularly.

But still, regular market-based pizza is very unhealthy for you. It contains a huge amount of full-fat cheese, saturated fats, sugar, sodium, and carbs that you may not be able to digest easily.

Eat those foods that are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs regularly. It is always a healthy habit to eat healthy foods to avoid various health diseases.

Bottom line

Pizza is not unhealthy but many people with heart disease or obesity should not consume regular market-based pizza. You need to make it at your home and eat it with a healthy diet plan. Even eating pizza regularly is not a healthy food for pregnant women also. It helps to gain your weight in a very unhealthy way. Pizza is always in the category of junk foods.

So always try to decrease the calories and carbs in your homemade pizza. Also consume those foods that are loaded with green vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, onion, kale, and spinach), fruits (apple, banana), dairy products that are very healthy for muscle and bones.

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