How to treat a burn


Burns is one of the common household injuries. A simple or a first-degree burn should take care of in the home by applying home remedies because the first-degree burn only affects the skin. It normally causes mild pain, redness, and swelling.

Second and third-degree burn affects our skin deeper and can cause white, shiny skin and deep pain.

 Fourth-degree burn affects the joints and bones. Third and fourth-degree burn should immediately consider medical emergencies and should be treated in a hospital by special doctors. Fourth-degree burn causes dark brown color, char, waxy and raised and leathery texture.

HOME REMEDIES FOR BURN:    Most first and second-degree burn should take care in the home. If someone is capable to handle the burn by his/her self then one should apply all the home remedies. Here are some home remedies to treat a burn.

1. COOL WATER:   The first and second-degree burn should hold under cool water(not cold water) immediately for 30 minutes. Cool water helps to get relieved from the skin burn and pain. But keep this thing in my that one should not use fresh child water to the burn area. Too much child water can worsen the burn area. So apply only cool or normal water to relieve.

2. PROTECT THE BURN AREA:   Cover the burned skin with a sterile, clean and soft cloth. It’s very helpful to cover those burn skin. Keep that area terms and bacteria-free. Don’t open the area in direct sunlight. Too much temperature can increase the risk of infection. Don’t cover that area with deep clothes.

3. APPLY  OINTMENT:   The second thing you need to do is applying a petroleum-based gel or ointment. Please never apply any cream or lotion which are full of fragrance or flavor such as oil, toothpaste, butter or eggs. Betadine is one of them, which is very good to treat a burn area. Your doctor may suggest you tightly use the ointment.

4. APPLY ALOE VERA GEL:  Aloe vera plant is known as burn plant which is very beneficial for burnt skin. It helps to get rid of the pain. Aloe vera is full of anti-inflammatory properties and kills bacteria in the skin. Aloe vera gel helps to keep that area terms and bacteria-free. Aloe vera helps to remove the spots of burn which is one of the best reasons to use aloe vera gel regularly in a burn area.

5. APPLY HONEY:   Honey contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Honey helps to heal the burnt skin area. During the burn period, the is a high chance of bacterial infection and honey with aloe vera mixing paste helps to keep that area more safe and secure. Honey is like a gift from God in the earth.

6. PREVENT SHOCK TREATMENT:   First and second-degree burn should not take shock treatment unless the person is affected by the head, neck or any bones area. If someone is in a very critical burn then he/she needs medical help immediately.  If that burn is in the third or fourth degree then the doctor will order the shock treatment.

7. CONSULT WITH DOCTOR:   Any kind of burned patient should consult with his/her doctor because the doctor will advise the perfect treatment and will advise what not to do. There are lots of people surrounding us, they will try different methods to treat that area in their own style. One should immediately contact his/her doctor after the burn.

BOTTOM LINE:   Burns can be caused by cooking food or frying something, electric shock, sun heat. These burns often reach layers under the skin and can damage tissues.

There are lots of reasons for serious burns such as household burn, sunburn, electric burn, hot water burn, fire burn, hot liquid burn. If the burn is not serious then one can treat it by applying home remedies such as cool water, aloe vera gel, ointment and more.

How to treat a burn

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