How to raise blood pressure

How to raise blood pressure

There are millions of people in the world, who are suffering from high blood pressure. One medical report has shown that there are also millions of people who are experiencing low blood pressure. People with low BP always try hard to find out the answer to how to raise blood pressure.

Recent research has informed that low blood pressure is higher in women than in men at similar ages. Low blood pressure can be very dangerous if you don’t take care of it.

Symptoms of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure or hypotension is a very normal health problem that most people experience in life. But it can be life-threatening and can increase many health problems. So you should know about the symptoms of low blood pressure such as:

  • Sudden body weakness in the body
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of focus
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Clammy skin

Causes of low blood pressure

Every person experiences low blood pressure at least once in life. But the low blood pressure has many causes that I will discuss here. So here are the major causes of low blood pressure such as:

  • Pregnancy, because blood pressure is likely to drop due to the expansion of the circulatory system. Also, blood pressure drops due to the high demand for blood from both, mother and the growing fetus.
  • Brain injury or another injury that loses huge blood from the human body.
  • Many serious heart diseases such as low heart rate, problems in the heart valve. heart attack, heart failure (systolic and diastolic heart failure).
  • Dehydration is one of the common causes of blood pressure when your body loses more water than you take in.
  • Sudden allergy due to medical procedures or medication can cause low blood pressure.
  • An infection can cause low blood pressure. When an infection inters in the bloodstream, it drops the blood pressure suddenly.
  • Lack of nutrition is a very important cause of low blood pressure. When your body has not enough nutrition, your body may drop the blood pressure badly.
  • Excess physical workout can cause low blood pressure. Because during your excessive workout your heart may not pump enough oxygen and you may drop blood pressure.

How to raise blood pressure with home remedies?

Eat more salt

The high amount of sodium helps to raise your blood pressure very fast. Salt raises the sodium in your bloodstreams and wrecks the delicate balance and also decreases the ability of your kidneys to remove water.

A doctor always suggests a patient with high blood pressure to avoid salt consumption from his diet plan. So you can drink 1 tablespoon of saltwater regularly to raise your blood pressure fast.

Holy basil juice

Holi basil leaves are very healthy to raise your blood pressure very fast. One Indian research has shown that holy basil (Tulsi in India) contains many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep your blood pressure normal.

You can drink raw holy basil leaves in the morning regularly to keep your BP normal always. Also, holy basil is very rich in vitamin C and magnesium that may help to solve other health issues.

Avoid sudden position change

Research has shown that sudden position change can cause your blood pressure drop. This actually occurs when you shift from lying down to standing. But this type of low blood pressure lasts for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You may have experienced this in your bathroom or office while you are sitting.

So try to avoid the sudden position change always. Change your position slowly and peacefully.

Quit drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol can cause low blood pressure. Because alcohol helps to dehydrate your body that drops your BP. Also, alcohol has no protein, fiber, and vitamins but has a huge amount of calories that are not ideal for blood pressure. So you need to quit drinking alcohol or minimize drinking alcohol regularly.

Drink enough fluids

It is very important to drink enough fluids regularly. Dehydration is one of the major reasons for the blood pressure drop. So you need to keep your body hydrated by drinking fruit juices or clean water. Also, fruit juices help to lose weight fast. Try to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Eat foods frequently

Research has shown that eating a heavy meal can drop blood pressure fast. Because when you eat a large meal your body work harder to digest the meal fast. So try to eat blood pressure healthy food frequently to prevent your low blood pressure.

Also, try to limit your carbohydrate intake that can help to stabilize your blood pressure nicely. Eating frequent meals can keep blood sugar level normal.

Always follow a healthy diet plan

A healthy diet plan is very necessary to raise your blood pressure. Eat those healthy foods that are loaded with vitamins and fiber and can boost your health fast. A study has shown that vitamin B-12 is very beneficial to keep blood pressure normal. Beef liver and kidney, chicken breast, salmon, trout, tuna, sardines are very helpful to raise your blood pressure. You can also eat boiled eggs in your breakfast.

You can also follow a healthy vegetable such as sweet potatoes, kale or spinach, tomatoes, broccoli that are highly nutritious. It also boosts your immune level fast. Make sure your diet plan is loaded with blood pressure healthy foods that prevents the risk of blood pressure drop and blood pressure spike.

Dry fruits drink

Dry fruits drink are very essential to raise your blood pressure fast. You can consume almond milk every day after your dinner to balance your blood pressure. Walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds and also ground flaxseed are very high in omega-3 fatty acids that may help you to raise your blood pressure.

You can also eat 1 handful of dry fruits with your healthy breakfast in the morning to get a healthy result.

Cross legs while sitting

One home method that actually works is crossing legs while sitting. Try to do leg movement while you are sitting for a long time. Many people with low BP have experienced that crossing legs helps to increase blood pressure.

Minimize your potassium intake

Research has shown that high potassium foods help to drop blood pressure. So most of the people with high blood pressure used to take good care of their potassium consumption. Also, a high potassium diet plan helps to gain weight naturally that can cause high blood pressure. So you can follow a low potassium diet plan to raise your blood pressure naturally.

Drink more caffeine

Caffeine is known to increase blood pressure, so you can drink a cup of caffeinated coffee to raise your blood pressure fast. Well, this home remedy plays a vital role for a short period of time. But you need to drink coffee regularly in the morning.

Research has shown that drinks that are caffeinated are highly healthy for low BP patients. Coffee also helps to remove all the toxins from your body the urination process.

Eat more sugar

A spoon of sugar plays a vital role to raise your blood pressure fast. Sugar directly goes into your blood pressure that helps to create a movement to increase your BP. Sugar is linked deeply with high blood pressure. So you can drink sugary drinks to increase BP.

How to raise blood pressure with medication?

If natural home remedies are not working at all, then seek medical treatment right away. But home remedies are very effective and low blood pressure can be treated by some effective home methods easily.

You can take an appointment with your doctor, who will help you to get rid of your low BP problem. Also, your doctor may give you some medicines to stop the blood pressure drops. Your doctor may order you to do a blood test to find out the actual reason for your low blood pressure. So seek medical help as fast as possible if your home methods are not working. Your blood pressure drop can indicate other health issues such as heart diseases.

How to raise blood pressure with healthy habits?

Some healthy habits can help to keep blood pressure on the normal level such as:

  • Decrease your stress level and live a healthy life.
  • Decrease your smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Take a complete sleep (8 hours a day).
  • Try to relax your muscles in your body with natural muscle relaxers.
  • Feel always fresh and positive and remove all the negative thoughts about your BP.
  • Try to do physical workout or yoga regularly for 45 minutes in the morning.
  • Monitor your blood pressure regularly. It will help you to know the condition of your blood pressure movement.

Tips for avoiding low blood pressure

You can avoid low blood pressure by following some healthy tips such as:

  • Always follow a healthy diet plan that are loaded with fiber and has low potassium nutrients.
  • Try to drink 1 glass of salt water every day regularly to avoid the BP drops.
  • Drink enough fluids. Always try to drink 8 glasses of water.
  • Drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee in the morning.
  • Do physical exercise regularly in the morning.
  • Try to quit drinking alcohol regularly

How to raise blood pressure in pregnancy?

It is very common to drop the blood pressure during a women’s pregnancy. So always try to consume a healthy diet plan that is loaded with healthy nutrients. During pregnancy, your body has a high demand for blood from both, mother and the growing fetus. So you may experience some health problems due to the blood pressure drops.

Still, you need to drink enough fluids to hydrate your body, eat healthily for your pregnancy, do soft exercise or yoga regularly, Stop drinking alcohol and more.

Research has shown that a pregnant woman, also can spike blood pressure easily. So you may need to take special treatment from your doctor. Your doctor may suggest you best solutions for the blood pressure drops and spike.

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