How to get rid of pimple – 7 tips to get rid from pimples


Pimple is one of the common problems of our skin that people of all ages can face, but it is also very annoying. Pimple basically comes from our skin eruption. A person can have lots of skin problems such as eczema, pimple, psoriasis, rosacea, vitiligo, hives, ichthyosis and more. Some people can have more than one pimple once in a while or someone can get frequent breakouts with lots of push-filled pimples.

Most people don’t even know the reason behind the pimple problem while the problems are very serious for serious because they always leave a black and bad spot on our face which is very annoying. Almost everyone wants to get rid of the pimple problem for permanent time. The pimples can not be eliminated suddenly within a single day but the chances of pimple can be reduced by some methods.

Causes of pimples
The pimple and acne can cause by things such as dust, pollution, excessive heat, dead skin cells getting trapped in the pores of our skin. Many times pimples and acne can cause by consuming too much unhealthy and fast food.

Symptoms of pimples 

Pimple or acne has some specific symptoms which are clearly visible on our skin such as :

◾1. Clogged pores { Whiteheads, blackheads }.
◾2. Papules or small and red and tender bumps.
◾3. Painful and push filled lumps around the pimple area of the skin.
◾4. Oily and large red lumps.

Diagnosis of the pimple

It is very common to have pimple or acne on the skin but as it is very annoying and most of the time gives a lot of pain, so it is very important to treat it. If a person is having all the symptoms of acne or pimple then he/she should take some steps to treat it properly within time. Many times a professional dermatologist can order to do some blood test to treat the pimple problem from its root. But some home remedies can help to overcome a pimple problem if the pimple problem is not serious.

Home remedies for the pimple

Some home treatments can help to treat the pimple or acne such as :

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains a decent amount of medicinal properties which helps to treat many health and skin problems. Apple cider vinegar contains organic properties which not only helps to treat acne and pimple but also helps to remove the scars. Apple cider vinegar kills the bacteria and germs which cause pimple and acne.

2. Turmeric mask

Turmeric is full of medicinal properties which are very known from ancient time to treat a pimple or acne very fast. Turmeric is full of antioxidants, anti-fungal, anti bacterial and inflammatory properties which not only cures the pimple of its root but also prevents the chances of having a pimple in the future.

3. Apply a gentle face mask

A gentle face mask that is oil-free and has no chemical extract can help to cure the pimple or acne problem and also can remove the scars of the pimple. A clay mask with some pure rose water and lemon juice can be a solution to treat the pimple problem. And for a very instant time oats mask can be a very good option to solve the pimple problem.

4. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is proven by medically that it contains a high amount of medical properties such as anti-fungal, anti bacterial and inflammatory properties which is very beneficial for a pimple problem. Aloe vera gel helps to kill the germs around and inside a pimple.

5. Apply some green tea

Green tea is full of EGCG ( epigallocatechin gallate ), which is a polyphenol that can improve a pimple or acne problem. Excess sebum can block the pores and can increase the bacterial growth of our skin which increases the pimple problem. But the EGCG helps to solve this problem.

Applying some green tea in the pimple area and also all over the skin can prevent the growth of a bacterial infection around the pimple. Consuming 

6. Have a healthy diet

A proper healthy diet that is full of vitamins, fiber, and minerals that can help to fill all the needs of our body. A good and healthy diet can help to solve many health diseases and also can prevent the pimple problem.

7. Take a zinc supplement

Zinc supplements are very necessary for our health. Zinc supplement promotes cell growths, balances hormones and also energy level in our body. A US bases research has shown that people who consume zinc supplements have noticed a great benefit from it. 

Bottom line

The pimple problem is very annoying and sometimes it’s very painful to tolerate. But some people have found all the home remedies are very beneficial to treat the pimple problem. But if someone is experiencing a pimple or acne problem in a serious condition then he/she should seek medical treatment to a doctor. 

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