Hormones Imbalance – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments


Hormones acts as busy messenger in human body. One of the biggest cause of hormonal imbalance is stress or depression. Hormones travel through bloodstream to the tissues and organs to help me do their work. They work properly over time and completes many process of human body. Hormones are very important to regulate human bodies processes such as :

1. Mood and stress level
2. Body temperature
3. Bodies growth and development
4. Heart rate
5. Metabolism and appetite
6. Women period cycle
7. Reproductive cycle and sexual function
8. Sleep cycle

Many times women experiences imbalance in estrogen and progesterone level, where men experiences imbalance in testosterone levels. When hormones get out of balance, that can lead various problems in human body such as diabetes, infertility, weight gain, many heart related problems and weakness in bones.


The symptoms of hormonal imbalance are very common include :

1. Unwanted weight loss or weight gain
2. Excessive sweating
3. Changes in blood pressure
4. Changes in blood sugar
5. Changes in heart rate
6. Anxiety
7. Headache
8. Skin problems such as rashes
9. Sensitivity in cold
10. Infertility
11. Bloating
12. Problems during urination
13. Breast tenderness
14. Constipation or diarrhea


Hormonal imbalance has many causes such as :

1. Diabetes
2. Thyroiditis
3. Hormone therapy
4. Eating disorder
5. Stress
6. Injury
7. Cancer
8. Tumor
9. Cushing syndrome
10. Hypothyroidism
11. Hyperthyroidism
12. Poor diet
13. Obesity


The treatment of hormonal imbalance are depends on the causes.


Women who try to get pregnant, hormonal birth control can help to regulate their menstrual cycle. They can take birth control medication as pill, ring, patch, shot or IUD.


People experiencing vaginal dryness associated with changes in estrogen levels can apply creams containing estrogen directly to vaginal tissues to reduce symptoms.


Metformin is a type 2 diabetes medication that may help some women with PCOS symptoms.


In men testosterone therapy can help to manage the problem of low testosterone.


Hormonal imbalances are very common during puberty, menstruation and pregnancy . Many hormonal imbalances caused by external factors such as stress, depression or any hormone medication.

Human body secretes almost 50 types of hormones. Every particular hormone plays an important role to keep human body healthy.

If someone is having all the symptoms of hormonal imbalance the he/she should seek medical treatment immediately. Doctor will guide and suggest the best to manage the problem of hormonal imbalance.

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