Healthy Habits – Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

Healthy Habits in any person’s life not only improve health but also habits effects a deep impact on the quality of lifestyle and personality. A healthy habit is any behavior that balances a good impact on physical, mental and also emotional health.
It is very easy to maintain healthy habits some times, but it is very hard to develop all the habits. A healthy habit not only keeps you healthy and fit because it helps you to be a sensible and alert person. Healthy habits often require changing your mindset.
Having a healthy and fit body should be your life’s first goal, because if you don’t have a healthy body then there is no meaning of living your life. Physiologist says that following a healthy habit for 22 days can transfer into a permanent habit gradually.

1. Wake Up Early Morning

Start your day with the first healthy habit and that is trying to wake up early in the morning. Try to finish your sleep at 5-6am. Morning air is very good for health because it is most probably the only time when people can breathe in the fresh air. Our grandmothers used to say that morning air helps to keep many diseases away from your body and it keeps your body active and fresh. So it is very important to wake up early in the morning.

2. Drink 1 Glass of Fresh Water in Empty Stomach

It is very healthy and also important to drink a glass of fresh water early in the morning. People can drink warm water for better results. Drinking fresh water in the empty stomach helps to increase the metabolism rate of our health. Warm water helps to kill bacteria in the stomach and also helps to come out with all the toxins from our body through the process of urination.
Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

3. Do Meditation

Meditation is often explained as thinking continuously for a subject. Meditation is a process where people shift their self from thinking to feeling. Meditation helps to relax our body and gives our mind and brain peace. In today’s modern busy and stressed life meditation is very necessary for our body. 

4. Do Yoga

Yoga can be one of the best healthy habits in our daily schedule. Yoga is the unification of the human body soul and consciousness. It keeps the human body flexible and improves posture and strength. Yoga is the best solution for all types of health diseases. It gives relaxation to our body’s tense muscles. Yoga helps us to breath better, increases energy and also keeps our mind more active.

5. Workout 30 Minutes Daily

The first goal of a healthy habit should be physical workout every day. 30-40 minutes is very necessary to dedicate to the physical workout. Workout not only keeps the human body healthy but also kills many health risks such as diabetes, lung problems, blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, and many hormonal problems. Physical workout keeps our body active and brains fresh all day.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

6. Have a Cup of Green Tea

Having a cup of green tea can make you feel fresh and active and also can solve many health diseases. Green tea is an antioxidant that is zero in calories and fats. It can help to deal with many health risks such as obesity, blood pressure, hormonal problems, many skin problems, diabetes and many more. A cup of green tea can be a great idea to start your day with some healthy habits.

7. Have a Protein and Fiber Rich Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of our whole day. So make sure that your breakfast plate is full of protein, fiber, minerals, and carbohydrates. The period between the last pre-bed meal and hitting the alarm is usually the longest period the human body goes without any meal. So it is very important to have breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. Here are some very healthy breakfast ideas such as oats, brown bread, yogurt, a handful of nuts and a glass of fruit juice.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

8. Have a Piece of Fruit Everyday

Today’s world is full of unhealthy food. It is very important to add fruit daily. Fruits reduce the risk of chronic diseases in the human body. Fruits are very rich in many nutrients such as potassium, fiber, folic acid, and vitamin C. Fruits are the source of natural sugar, which helps to keep away the diabetes problem.

9. Don’t Drink Water Before Meal

Drink water before 15 minutes, when you have a meal. Try not to drink water while eating. It is not unhealthy but creates many problems to digest the meal such as bloating and sometimes vomiting. It lowers the process of digestion.

10. Eat Green Vegetables More

If you fill your plate with green vegetables or plant food, then you will likely have a long and healthy life. Try to consume real food, not the ultra-processed junk that a BMJ open study found that 80-90% of heal diseases added sugar we consume. Studies have found that green vegetables or plant-based food which are rich in vitamin C, protein, fiber, minerals, potassium, and healthy carbohydrate, can help to keep away all the health diseases.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily


11. Have a complete sleep

The healthy habit of a good and decent quality of sleep is the most important thing we all should follow in our every day’s busy and tense schedule. Daily 8 hours of sleep can kill many health risks such as insomnia, headache problem, brain stroke, diabetes, heart stroke. A complete sleep increases the ability to do focus on something. Completing 8 hours of sleep is like spending time in a spa because it relaxes our brain and body tense muscles.

12. Limit The Amount of  Sugar And Salt

Salt and sugar are the most common reason for obesity. Here we are not discussing fast food, we are talking about the salt and sugar. A UK based research has found that 25% of their calories from added sugar had a higher risk of dying from heart disease. Sodium increases the cells in the human body, which higher our blood pressure easily. So make sure that you are having only grams of salt per serving.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

13. Try To Read Books While You Are Free

Reading books is one of the healthy habits that we should apply in our daily life. It increases our brain’s intellectual ground. It gives us various information and teaches us many morals about life. You can keep the habit of reading various types of books such as detective, comic, knowledgeable or any informative books.

14. Read Newspaper Every day

Today there is so much information we can get from our daily newspaper. There are many things which are happening in our everyday life such as international conferences, women’s safety debate, different countries’ relationships, national politics, financial growth of a country, sports and many more. People should know what is happening in the world and inside our nation. Try to catch the habit of reading the newspaper by having a cup of green tea in the morning.

15. Have Salad With Every Meal

Make sure that every time you have a plate full of healthy salad with your meal. Salad helps to cut down the extra calories of food which causes weight gain. Salad helps to add some extra vitamin C and minerals in the diet. Salad has another benefit also and that is, it helps to digest the meal fast and easily.

16. Be Kind With Animals

Be kind and humble with animals because they are only animals who can love you unconditionally. Every people inside the world should be kind and lovable. Animals are very much capable of experiencing the same range of emotions and feelings as all people can.

17. Spend Time With Family

Family is the only place we can get love and affection unconditionally. Wherever you are all day at least speak to them at least 2 times a day. Take good care of them, be with them and share every feeling with them. They will understand you in your tough time and also they will appreciate you when you will be successful in life.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

18. Walk The Stairs

Today’s comfortable and busy life it is very important to walk. If you have the option of moving standing still, then take the moving option for a healthy walking habit. Spending time in the walking stairs, we will burn an extra 9 calories. It is not a lot, but a permanent habit of walking in the stairs can be a great option to lose some extra pounds.

19. Keep Your Body Hydrated

To avoid all the serious diseases try to keep your self hydrated. Drink 8-10 glass of water every day. Water helps to come out of all the toxins from our body through the process of urination. Water keeps our lungs and heart-healthy and solves many skin problems. Water cushions the brain, spinal cord and also all the sensitive tissues. To express the benefits of drinking water is not possible at one point.

20. Limits Your Junk Foods

Stop the habit of having an excessive amount of junk or fast food. It contains a high amount of saturated fat and added sugar, which increases many health risks such as blood sugar, blood pressure, serious heart disease, chronic diseases, cholesterol, skin problems, digestive problems, and many stomach problems. Try to have fruits and plant-based foods whenever you feel hungry.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

21. Stay Connected With Positive People

They are countless people who always try to make us demotivate in our life. Always be with positive people who always praise you at your every small work. So make sure that you are not with those people who are very negative in every situation of their life. Always try to stay away from those people who always try to criticize you in life.

22. Have Light Snacks

Don’t consume those snacks, which are full of extra oil and sugar and increases your calories fast. Try to have healthy fruit in your snack time. Make sure you are choosing the fruit which is full of vitamin C, minerals, fiber. Fast foods or junk foods increase your weight very fast and creates many health problems such as obesity, blood pressure, blood sugar, and many skin problems.

23. Listen To Your Body

If you are experiencing any symptoms of health problems such as fever, vomiting chronic pain, headache, then seek immediate medical treatment. Take an appointment with your doctor to find out the real reason for the disease. Always listen to your body if you are having any health problems.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

24. Develop Your Hobby

Keep developing your hobby every day. If you have a hobby such as writing, singing, painting, swimming, dancing and many more, then always make your hobby sharp every day. Think about your hobby and live with your hobby. Develop your hobby and keep in mind that you have another talent also in life.

25. Have Dinner with family

Always try to give some time to your family. Have dinner or breakfast with your family. It increases your bonding and affection with your family and friends. Try to save some time to have the meal together.

26. Realize The Whole Day You Have Spent

Realize the entire day, that how have you spent it before you go to bed or in the bed. It gives you the courage to do the right things from the next day. Realize what you should do and should not and also what you deserve and what you don’t.

27. Massage Your Own Body Before You Go to Bed

In this busy and stressful life it is very important to take good care of our body. This is one of the best habits to massage your own body. It relaxes your tense muscles and gives refreshment to your entire body. Take an essential oil such as rosemary, lavender, tea tree, frankincense and lemon oil to massage your own body by yourself to get a better result.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

28. Don’t Go To Sleep Angry

Never go to bed while you are angry. It increases many health risks such as blood pressure, insomnia, heart stroke and many chronic related diseases. Spend some time with your partner or with your family members happily. Try to involve yourself with something pleasant for 20 minutes to avoid your anger.

29. Keep in Touch With Outdoor Games

Outdoor games not only increase our healthy life but also increases our thinking ability, physical fitness. Outside games help to connect our body with the environment. Play games with friends and family members also. It is a joy to found yourself in another way.

30. Spend Some Time With Yourself

In your busy schedule give some time to your self, because it is very important to understand your self. Understand what you want and what you don’t want. Be calm and keep peace in the heart while you are having time for your self to understand. Develop your self after knowing what you want in life.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

31. Observe People

This is one of the great healthy habits that anyone can adopt in life. Don’t judge people by just watching a situation, observe that people peacefully. Don’t be judgmental in life, because it is a negative side.

32. Keep Patience In Your Self

Patience is another virtue that people can adopt as their habit. Keep patience in the bad or tough time. It will give you more strength to overcome bad situations. Patience gives us a positive attitude in the negative and difficult times.

33. Experience everything

You do not have to face anything wrong or bad. Along with the good things in life, it is very necessary to experience the bad things to make yourself stronger than before. Remember always that bad experiences teach us something new and something strong.

34. Feel Blessed Whatever You Achieved Today

Don’t criticize your achievements, feel gratitude and glad whatever you have achieved today. It is not important how much you earn, but is very important to give our best in every situation in life. If you are a real fighter then wake up and work hard again and again.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

35. Donate a Small Portion To Poor People

If you are financially strong enough to help someone then try to donate some amount of money or some cloths or some foods to the needy people. This habit can give you internal satisfaction and can make you feel proud of your self. You don’t need to share everything with them, but try to share those things which are extra in your life such as foods, clothes and some money.

36. Make True Friends

There is one of the most healthy habits that is to make true friends in life. There is a quote that ” One true friend is much better than thousands of fake friends”. Make friends who understand you and always try to be with them. Share what you feel for them and make the bonding more strongly with them.

37. Lough Loudly To Express Your Feelings

Lough loud as much as you can, because by that you can express your feelings with your family and friends. Always try to be happy and keep smiling all the time, it not only gives your heart the pleasure of satisfaction but also gives you the courage to be positive in life.

38. Keep Your Self Calm

Always try to keep your self-calm in any situation. Because when you are in peace, it is the only time when you can run your intellectual ground properly. Think positively in negative situations. Most people don’t even know that by the frustration people can give birth to various health diseases such as headaches, blood pressure, chronic diseases.

39. Quit All Of Your Addictions

Try to quit all types of bad addictions that you have in your life such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, having a drug or something. It can just harm your entire body. There are no benefits to this type of addiction. You can choose healthy fruit but don’t choose addicted products.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

40. Learn Something New

Today the world is full of entertaining things and people should learn something different in life such as language, designing, photography or something new. You should not waste time by spending time only on your busy schedule. Have some personal time to explore the world in a new vision. There are so many things are happening outside of us. You can learn any cultural activities such as dancing, singing, teaching meditation or something special that you want to learn.

41. Go Offline From Social Media For Awhile

Have some space from the social Internet connections to spend some time with your self and to enjoy the time of yours. Today the social media is very vast and very entertaining, so people are easily getting attracted by that. But is very important to be separate for some tome from all the social media connectivity and make sure you are totally offline at that time.

42. Weigh Yourself  Every Week

Overweight is not a problem, but overweight can increase many health risks such as diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, bones problem, chronic diseases. It is very important to monitor your weight every week. People should be healthy in their life and they should manage weight. If someone is underweight then the person should focus on how to gain some weight healthily.

43. Take Direct Sunlight In Your Body

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. We all need vitamin D to make our bones more strong. Sunlight is very helpful to keep our bones more strong. In our busy schedule, we should spend time under the sunlight for at least 30 minutes to be more healthy.

44. Listen to Soft Music

Soft music helps to soothe our brain, body, and soul. Some particular favorite music can help to relax our tense and stress body. Research has shown that listening to soft favorite music can help to get rid of the pain of a headache. Music changes our mood and gives a nice freshness to our body and soul. Music is a very powerful force, one that can influence how you feel. People with chronic headaches have found that soft music helps to solve the pain.

45. Spread Love, Everywhere You Go

It is one of the most healthy habits, that every person should follow. Let no person ever come to you without leaving happier. If you want to spread love then feed the hungry, forgive the guilty, welcome the unwanted, care for the ill and love your enemies. Be humble and kind to everyone you know in your life.

Healthy Habits - Best Healthy Habits to follow daily

46. Keep Your Outside Clean And Hygienic

It is very important to keep your outside very clean and make them hygienic. Germs are very strong to affect someone’s health easily. Keep your environment very neat and clean. The environment is also our world, so it is very important to take good care of our outside world.

47. Forgive People

Every people are not equal, every people does not have the same virtue and quality that we have today. Learn how to forgive people for their mistakes. This healthy habit will give the internal satisfaction of happiness and peace.

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