A healthy diet for pregnancy – Nutrition During Pregnancy

A healthy diet for pregnancy is very necessary for your baby to grow and develop. Doctors always suggest to consuming more 300-350 calories during pregnancy time per day.

Healthy Diet For Pregnancy

It is very important to maintain a healthy diet for pregnancy because this time your body needs special nutrition to take care of your baby also. Your doctor may suggest you include another 400 calories extra each day.

For a healthy and normal pregnancy, the mother’s diet needs to be balanced and nutritious – this involves the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and consuming a full variety of plants like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and nuts.

Here is the list of healthy diet for pregnancy :

1. Green vegetables

Green vegetables are very rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, iron, potassium, and fiber. So you should consume some green vegetables such as spinach, kale, sweet potato, broccoli, and tomato contains many of the nutrients you need. Eat plenty of these vegetables, at least 5 portions a day.

Vegetables help to avoid the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids, which are very painful for pregnant women. Green vegetables help to lower many viral diseases during pregnancy.

Healthy Diet For Pregnancy

2. Fruits

Most of the fruits such as berries, apple, orange, pomegranate are packed with a lot of water and their glycemic index is very low. Fruits contain a decent amount of vitamins A, B, C, and D which are very necessary for the health of the baby. Fruits are very beneficial to boost the immune system of a pregnant woman.

3. Milk

Every pregnant woman should consume 2 servings of milk per day because it contains a lot of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. During pregnancy a woman should drink pasteurized or ultra-heat milk which a very healthy for the baby.

4. Whole grains

Whole grains are packed with lots of fiber, vitamins and plant compounds that can help a pregnant woman to meet their extra calorie requirements.
Oats and quinoa are the best whole grains to eat during the pregnancy because it contains many healthy nutritional properties such as fiber, low carbohydrate, and vitamins.

Healthy Diet For Pregnancy

5. Water

It is very important to drink enough fluids to keep pregnant women body hydrated and fresh. It is recommended to drink 8-9 glass of water daily. Water, fruit and vegetable juice, milk, soups all counts as fluid or water. Drinking enough water daily is one of the best healthy habits for pregnant women.

6. Salad

Mixed salad helps to digest food easily and also salad helps to cut down the unhealthy fat or calories which can harm a pregnant woman’s body. All type of salad lettuces is very healthy because it contains a decent amount of nutrition.

7. Dried fruits

Dried fruits such as dates, almond, pistachio, walnut, hazelnut can provide a large amount of the recommended intake of many vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, potassium, and iron.
Dried fruits contain some natural sugar which can help to boost the immunity level. So it is very healthy to eat 1 serving of mixed dried fruits every day.

8. Lean meat

Lean meat such as chicken, beef, and pork are very healthy for a pregnant woman. Lean meat contains a high amount of iron, protein, choline, and vitamin. Lean meat is very important during their since their blood volume is increasing and also very important during their trimester. So it is very important to include lean meat in their diet.

9. Eggs is a healthy diet for pregnancy

Eggs are one of the best food that can give all the nutrition pregnant women need. Eggs are a great source of choline, which is very important for many processes in pregnant women’s bodies. Eggs contain almost 77 calories with high protein and fat.

Bottom line

A healthy diet for pregnancy not only important for a women’s body but also important for the baby. A healthy and proper diet can help to boost energy during pregnancy. It will surely affect the health and development of women’s bay.
Gaining weight is very normal, but make sure that the way of gaining weight is very safe and healthy. This will definitely benefit your baby and you also.

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