Carbs in popcorn

Many people enjoy the popcorn as a delicious snack in the evening that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. People can eat a large bowl of air-popped popcorn also. Carbs in popcorn are very low and also contain only a few calories. It is made from dried corn kernels that heated to produce the edible puffs. Popcorn has very low carbohydrates that you can add in your weight loss diet plan easily.

Popcorn is commonly served with melted butter and salt but you can add other flavors according to your choice. Carbs rich foods are not unhealthy for you and you can add it in your low-carb diet plan also. The key is to pay close attention to the serving size and try to minimize your oil, butter, and salt that can increase the calories also.

Nutritional value of popcorn (100 g)

Fats4.3 g
Carbohydrates74 g
Protein11 g
Fiber13 g
Sodium7 mg
Sugar0.1 g
VitaminsA, C, D
MineralsIron, Calcium,

Carbs in popcorn

The carbs in popcorn are very high that benefits your health in various ways. 100 grams of popcorn contains around 74 grams of carbs and 3 cups (24 grams) of popcorn contain around 18 grams of carbs that are very low for you. Carbs are a very essential nutrient that your body needs to make glucose to boost your immunity. Also, carbs help your body to function properly. But make sure you consume the right type of carbohydrates that your body needs.

One serving of air-popped popcorn has only 120 calories that are very healthy for your low-carb diet plan. Research has shown that eating one serving of popcorn won’t even come close to putting you over the daily limit. Also, many women with obesity love to add popcorn with their keto diet plan. It is high in healthy carbs that your body needs during a low-carb diet plan.

Other nutrients in popcorn

Popcorn is very rich in nutrients. 100 grams of popcorn contains only 375 calories that are low. People can consume only 2-3 cups of popcorn that contains only 18 grams of carbs and has only 90 calories that are very decent for a healthy low-carb diet plan.

Also, 3 cups of popcorn have only 1 gram of fat that is very low and it will not gain your weight. But if you don’t want to consume the fat then you can minimize your oil intake also.

Popcorn is rich in dietary fiber that can boost your stomach also. 100 grams of popcorn contains 13 grams of dietary fiber that are very high and loaded with health benefits also. Dietary fiber is very essential for your overall health to prevent many health problems.

Also, popcorn contains vitamins A, C, and D that are very healthy for your body. Popcorn contains a decent amount of minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium that are very healthy for your bones, muscles, and skin also.

Are carbs in popcorn healthy for the keto diet?

You need to consume only 100-120 calories from popcorn, so make sure you are not consuming excessively during your low-carb diet plan. Popcorn carbs are very healthy for a keto diet plan. The fiber is very rich in health benefits because the fiber is very essential to keep your stomach full. Also, many people with a low-carb diet have experienced that eating pop can help to avoid the planning of eating cakes and junk foods (pizza, pancakes, burgers).

But make sure you are limiting the salt, oil, and butter while you are making the healthy popcorn. Salt, oil, and butter are very high in calories that can break your healthy low-carb diet plan.

Also, popcorn is rich in vitamins and minerals that you need to include in your healthy diet plan to lose weight. Vitamins and minerals are very essential to prevent many muscle and bone problems during your low-carb diet plan.

Try to limit other foods in your diet plan that are very high in carbs. Excessive carbs can make you can gain weight. So make sure you are limiting your other high carb foods such as rice, wheat, oats, and dairy foods. If you want to consume excessive carbs then make sure you are burning those carbs by a healthy physical workout. It is always a healthy habit to burn calories by physical workout.

Try to limit the potatoes, bread, refined grains, and sweets that are very high in carbs can make you gain more weight. But the popcorn is very healthy because it has few carbs and calories than other high carb foods.

Still, it is very important to be aware of portions when you are eating popcorn on a healthy keto diet. You can minimize the fats by using coconut oil, olive oil that is very healthy to lose weight.

Popcorn can easily fit into the keto diet plan but you need to limit other foods also that are very high in carbs and calories.

Health benefits of popcon

Carbs in popcorn can boost energy

Carbs in popcorn are very healthy to boost your immunity level very fast. 100 grams of popcorn has around 74 grams of carbs that are very nutrition to boost your immune level. Popcorn is also rich in dietary fiber that is very essential to boost your overall health. Also, popcorn is not a weight gaining food so you can add in your weight loss diet plan.

Prevents many diseases

Research has shown that eating popcorn in a healthy way can help to prevent many health diseases. Low-fat popcorn can prevent the risk of blood pressure and blood sugar spike. Continous raising blood pressure can cause many heart diseases such as heart failure and heart attack. Also eating popcorn in a decent amount can help to keep blood sugar normal.

Popcorn also can help to get rid of free radicals, inflammation and prevents blood clots. One rsearch has shown that eating popcorn can help to reduce many cardiovascular diseases also. Also, one study has shown that popcorn is high in iron and calcium that can prevent the risk of clots (brain clots, lungs clot), and spinal stroke.

Cancer research has shown that popcorn contains some herbs that are very healthy to prevent many types of cancer also such as skin cancer, colon cancer.

Very healthy for digestion

Popcorn is rich in dietary fiber and this fiber is very healthy to prevent many problems such as constipation, bowel blockage, and more. Eating popcorn can promote your smooth bowel movement and also it helps to keep regular your bowel movement. Popcorn is also healthy to get rid of nausea and vomiting after eating healthy meals.

Research has shown that 2-3 cups of popcorn are equal to that of one cup of cooked brown rice and oatmeal. Oats and brown rice are very healthy to keep bowel movement healthy and problem-free.

Bottom line

Popcorn is very high in carbs but it is absolutely ok if you are maintaining a healthy diet plan and also if you are doing the regular physical workout. Popcorn is very rich in dietary fiber that keeps the popcorn more healthy to eat. Eating popcorn is very healthy when you are feeling to eat something light weighted that can kill your hunger. You can cook your popcorn in your home by maintaining some healthy tips such as less oil, and less sodium.

Also, you need to avoid eating when you are planning to eat a high carbohydrate diet plan. You need to balance all the nutrients to get healthy nutrition to boost your healthy diet plan.

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