Can allergies make you tired

Can allergies make you tired? Yes. An allergic reaction occurs when your body utilizes something strongly to a substance (pollen, bee venom, or pet dander) that generally should not cause a reaction and these substances are called allergens. Your immune system produces substances known as antibodies that help to identify a particular allergen as harmful, even though isn’t. Allergies have some symptoms that you may experience if you are experiencing any allergies reaction such as:

  • Itching
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Irritation in the skin
  • Runny nose

A food allergy may cause Tingling in your mouth, lips swelling, hives and anaphylaxis and nausea. Also, drug allergy may cause hives, rash, itchy skin and anaphylaxis. Insect sting allergy may cause edema at the sting site, itchiness, anaphylaxis and chest tightness.

Can allergies make you tired

Can allergies make you tired?

Yes, an allergic reaction can cause tiredness. Research has shown that allergic reactions can release chemicals that cause you to feel tired. Actually these chemical helps to fight against your allergies but sometimes causes swelling of your nasal tissues that can make your symptoms worse than before.

The allergic reaction may cause incomplete sleep, headache and also tiredness. According to the research of experts, it is called fatigue caused by allergies a brain fog. Brain fog makes it more critical to continue all regular activities.

You can follow a healthy diet plan that can be rich in high protein food to boost your immune level.

What are the causes of allergies that can make you tired?

An allergic reaction can occur for various reasons. So here are the causes that can cause alleries such as:

  • Airborne allergens such as pollen, animal dander, dust mites and also a mold.
  • Foods such as tree nuts, peanuts, soy, fish, milk and also eggs.
  • Medications such as penicillin, and some antibiotics that are based on penicillin.
  • Insect stings such as bee and wasp.
  • It also can cause due to genetic history, asthma.

When to see a doctor?

If you are experiencing all the symptoms of allergies then you should seek medical treatment right away. Symptom helps a lot to find out the type of allergies. Your doctor may ask some questions related to your allergies such as allergy history of your family, past surgeries, the weather of your area (polluted or not) and more. This question helps your doctor to diagnose your allergy. Because your allergy can occur due to various reasons and the treatment will help you get rid of allergies that can make you tired.


After the diagnosis, your doctor may order you to do some tests to find out the actual cause of your allergy.

Your doctor may order to do a skin test, blood test and also may do some physical exam. Skin tests and blood tests are very beneficial that helps to show you are sensitive to certain allergens.

Once your doctor knows which allergens are causing your symptoms, your doctor may suggest you reduce the exposure to them. The treatment for your allergy depends on the type of allergic disease. Your doctor may prescribe medication such as an antihistamine or hydrocortisone for example, But also you need to reduce the exposure to the cause of your allergies.

Your doctor will guide you best to get rid of your allergy with proper medication and also essential safety tips that you need to follow.

If your allergy is due to the medication of your other health disease, then you need to meet with your doctor immediately. The doctor may change some medicines to prevent the symptoms of allergy.

If you have trouble sleeping at night then the medication might help to get rid of this problem. Proper medication helps to reduce all the symptoms gradually.

Home remedies for your allergy

Home remedies play a vital role to prevent many types of allergy. If you know what type of allergy you have got then you can use some home methods to get rid of your allergy. Using home remedies in the early stage of a disease is always a healthy habit. So here are the home remedies for your allergy such as:

  • Saline nasal irrigation is very beneficial to those people with allergic rhinitis.
  • High-efficiency particular air (HEPA) is very beneficial to reduce allergens in your home.
  • Butter bur is very helpful for itchy eyes.
  • Bromelain is an enzyme that helps to improve your breathing and also reduces swelling.
  • Honey and turmeric paste for skin allergen. It has many antibacterial properties that are very beneficial to get rid of your skin allergy.
  • Vitamin C is very effective to get rid of the swelling and also reduces the histamine level.

But if your symptoms are very serious and you are suffering badly from your allergies then you should not use the home methods. Home remedies may not work if your allergy is very serious. You need to take medical help immediately. Your doctor may also suggest avoiding using home methods at that time.

Bottom line

Allergies can occur at any time with various symptoms. But you need to be very careful about the real reason of your allergens. Your doctor will help you find out the real cause of your allergy. Allergy can occur due to various reasons.

But you need to avoid contact with those things that can cause your allergy.

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