Burger king calories

The burger King calories are very high but it plays a vital role to keep your body energetic. Red meat tends to be overlooked as part of a nutritious diet plan, but moderate amounts fit perfectly into a healthy balanced diet plan.

But many people have the wrong concept that burger king are always unhealthy and causes many health diseases. So here in this article I will talk about the health benefits and health risks of eating burger regularly.

Burger king calories

Burger King Nutrition (100 g)

Carbohydrate26 g
Fats15 g
Protein12 g
Fiber2.4 g
Sugar3 g
Sodium638 mg
VitaminsA, C
MineralsIron, Calcium,

Health benefits of eating Burger King

Many people have the misconception that eating burgers is very unhealthy. But eating burger king is very healthy for various reasons also. So here are the health benefits of eating burger king such as:

Contains decent amount of iron

Burger is rich in iron that helps to carry oxygen to the cells, tissues and organs. Research has shown that it is one of the best source of heme iron that actually found only in animal based foods.

Every adult men need 8 milligrams of iron each day, while women need around 18 milligrams. Also breastfeeding moms needs around 27 milligrams of iron regularly. So if you need enough iron from your diet plan then you can consume burger king on a decent amount.

Proper red blood cell function

Red blood cell function is very necessary and vitamin B-12 helps to produce new red blood cells in your body. Without enough vitamin B-12, red blood cells form abnormal shapes that can result decreased oxygen in your body.

Hemoglobin is the iron-containing part of a red blood cell, low blood levels of vitamin B-12 can cause megaloblastic anemia in your body. So can consume the burger king some times if you have a problem with red blood cell function.

Calories of burger king boost energy

100 grams of burger king contains around 286 calories that can help to boost your immunity level very fast. Also, it contains 26 grams of carbohydrates that can help to keep your body very energetic.

Carbohydrate turns into glucose that helps to give fuel to your body to continue all the regular works. Also, it has a decent amount of protein, and sugar that are very healthy for your body to boost the immune level.

Plenty of protein

100 grams of burger king contains around 12 grams of protein that are very healthy. It is a very strong source of healthy protein for your body. that helps to give structure to your cells. This protein also helps to build muscle and also acts as a backup source of energy carbs and fat are not available in your body.

So if you need protein then you can consume it on a decent amount with a healthy diet plan.

Can prevent low BP problem

Also, it has 2 grams of sugar with a decent amount of sodium that helps to keep blood pressure normal. The eating burger can help to prevent the risk of blood pressure fall. Sudden fall of blood pressure may cause dizziness, blurred vision and also increased thrust. Eating burgers helps to raise blood pressure very fast.

So if you have a problem with low blood pressure then you can consume this to keep your blood pressure normal.

Can make your stomach full

Burger king is very heavy to eat and also loaded with carbs, protein, fats, and sugar that can make your stomach full. If you want to eat something heavy that can maintain your hunger then you can definitely consume this burger.

Many people in their office canteen, college canteen used to eat the burger king to make their satisfy their hunger. Also, it is loaded with huge amount of calories that can also keep you very active all the day.

Health risk of burger king

Burger king has many health benefits, but it has also many health risks that can suffer your body. So here are the health risks of eating the burger king regularly such as:

Burger king calories can gain weight

Burger king is loaded with a huge amount of carbs, protein, sugar, and fats that can easily help to gain weight. Eating this on a regular basis can cause obesity or morbid obesity. Also research has shown that over 70 million adults in the U.S. are obese and suffer from many health problems. It is always a weight gaining food among all the foods.

Can increase heart diseases

Burger king is loaded with sodium, sugar, fats, and cholesterol that can cause many heart diseases. This is not a heart-healthy food at all. You may experience heart failure, high blood pressure and also other damages in your heart.

Excessive eating of a burger can cause heart diseases that can offer many diseases such as colon cancer, kidney damages, brain clots, lungs blood clots and other damages in the lungs.

Can spike blood sugar

Burger king is rich in carbohydrates, sugar, and sodium that can easily spike your blood sugar. It is not a diabetes healthy food at all. Many people with type 2 diabetes have experienced that eating burgers can cause a sudden blood sugar spike.

So if you have diabetes then you should try to avoid eating the burger king that can cause other health diseases along with the blood sugar spike. You need to avoid eating the burger king to keep your blood sugar normal.

Also causes nausea

It is very tough to digest the burger easily because it is loaded with a huge amount of fats, carbs, and calories that are very easy to digest. Many people have experienced that eating burger causes nausea and vomiting after eating.

So if your digestive system is not strong enough or if you are having a problem digesting easily then you should avoid eating this. Eating burgers excessively can cause constipation, bowel blockage also.

Increases blood pressure

Burger and other junk foods such as pancakes, pizza are known to increase blood pressure easily that causes several health diseases. High blood pressure causes many serious health diseases such as heart failure, brain stroke and more.

Bottom line

Eating burger king on a daily basis is not a healthy idea at all. The burger is loaded with minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and more that are very healthy. But it is always junk food that contains a huge amount of carbs and fats that causes many health problems. You can cook it on your home with some healthy methods that will reduce the excess carbs and fats.

You can use whole grain wheat or mixed oats to make your burger. Try to add healthy vegetables such as tomatoes, onion, carrots, chili and also you can add tofu. This homemade burger is very healthy and can’t cause health problems. You can also use eggs and chicken thigh or chicken breast and use olive oil that is very healthy for you. Eating junk foods on a home-style is always a healthy habit.

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