Breast Implant Illness – all you need to know about breast implant

Breast implant illness is very common after having surgery of breast implants in women. Many women experience breast Implant Illness after the breast implant or breast surgery.

Breast implant illness symptoms

  • 1 Headache and nausea
  • 2 Chest or chronic pain
  • 3 An excessive amount of hair loss
  • 4 Fatigue
  • 5 Vomiting
  • 6 Body weakness
  • 7 Photo-sensitivity
  • 8 Anxiety
  • 9 Sleeping problem
  • 10 Depression
  • 11 Swelling
  • 12. Delaying to recover the surgery
  • 13. Displacement
The breast implant illness can cause by many reasons such as :

◾1. Human body inflammatory reaction to silicone or saline breast implant.
◾2. Bodies reaction to foreign products.
◾3. Bodies reaction to such serious surgery and surgical techniques.

A breast implant is medical advises that are implemented under a person’s breast tissue or under the chest muscle to develop a women’s breast beauty or to increase the size and shape of the women’s breast tissue damage or other any damages in the breast. Basically, there are 2 types of breast implants to develop a breast such as :

1. Saline-filled breast implants  

The saline-filled breast implant is a type of breast implant which women experience during their breast implant. This type of saline breast implant is filled with a sterile saltwater solution. Saline-filled breast implants come in different sizes and shapes as required by the surgeon. A USA based medical test have shown that saline breast implant is safe for young women age (18 to 40 years) to reconstruct the breast. A surgeon may use it in revision surgeries, which can help to improve in particular surgery. But some medical research has shown that this can increase the many breast risks such as breast tumors, breast cancer, and breast tissue damages.

2. Silicon-based breast implant 

The silicon-based breast implant is a very known type of breast implant which are pre-filled silicone gel or others are filled during the breast implant. Many women have experienced that silicon breast implant is more natural which helps to give a nice size and natural shape to breast tissue. A surgeon may prefer a silicone breast implant to young women ( after 22 years).

Is breast implant are safe for women?

An America based medical research has shown that the breast implant is not permanent or not for a particular time because the silicon-based and saline-filled breast implant can damage at any time after having the surgery. The surgeon may warn you about the side-effects or the breast implant illness symptoms. But many times women don’t experience any side-effects or breast implant illness after breast surgery. Many doctors have found that the chances of breast implant illness are 1%.

Research has found that there are many side-effects of breast implant illness such as breast cancer, breast tumor, breast tissue damages or nipple discharge or nipple swelling.

Medical researchers have found that for a longer period of breast surgery can cause many health risks. For this reason, most of the women’s choice to have them removed within 10-14 years.

Based on American research on 699 cases there are 41 deaths all over the world depending on the kind of implant and the manufacturer.

The breast implant illness risks are the same health risks common to a medical surgery such as adverse to anesthesia, hematoma, post hematoma, seroma or fluid accommodation and wound infection or incision site breakdown.

Bottom line

The breast implant illness is a common cause of breast implant or breast surgery. After having a breast implant, make sure that you are having proper medication from the surgeon. If you are having any serious symptoms of breast implant illness, then seek immediate medical treatment because it can create many health risks such as chest pain, breast swelling or tissue damages such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, problems in breastfeeding, breast cancer, breast tumor.

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