Breast Cyst

Breast Cyst is fluid-filled, round or oval sacs within the sacs. A breast cyst is one of the most common problems in women’s health. Breast Cyst can occur at any age of women. But mostly it occurs at the age of 30-40s. The breast cyst can develop in one side breast or in both breasts. Basically, the breast cyst occurs when the fluid starts building up inside the breast glands. A cyst may be caused by blocked breast glands.

Some cyst can be very small and some can be large enough to feel through the upper skin of the breast. The cyst can occur in multiple numbers, either breast cyst can develop one by one or all at once.

Breast cyst can develop at any age of women including in teenage, adult age or in old age. Breast cyst has some symptoms such as  :

1.  Extreme pain in nipple.
2.  A round or oval shape lump which can be moveable. 
3.  White, yellow or brown colored nipple discharge.
4. Size increase of breast just before the menstrual cycle and the breast lump size increase.
5. Unusual swelling.

If someone is experiencing all the symptoms then he/she should seek medical treatment immediately. The doctor will do many breast exams including breast ultrasound, blood test, and fine-needle aspiration, to identify the condition of the breast cyst.

1. Breast ultrasound

Breast ultrasound uses sound waves to see the condition and structure of the breast inside. The diagnose may order to do the breast ultrasound to understand perfectly the breast lumps and other abnormalities inside the breast. Ultrasound is safe and painless for health and it does not use radiation. Normally the ultrasound imaging is known as sonography and ultrasound scanning. Many sonographers use doppler technics during the breast ultrasound to evaluate the movement of blood or the blood flow.

2. Fine needle aspiration

Fine needle aspiration is a biopsy process which is very simple and quick. The needle used in a core biopsy is large but it is safe. During the procedure of needle aspiration, it collects a sample from the breast to identify the exact condition and structure of the breast cyst or cancer. During the needle aspiration if the fluid comes out and the breast lumps go away then the doctor may order to do immediate breast cyst diagnosis. 


Normally many women experience breast cyst because breast cyst is normal. But if the breast lumps persist or getting all the symptoms of breast cyst then he/she should take an appointment with the doctor.

1. Fine needle aspiration

Fine needle aspiration procedure may help to treat a breast cyst if the doctor removes all the fluids from the breast cyst during the needle aspiration process. A breast cyst can develop very large within a 2-3 menstrual cycle, so it’s very important to treat the breast cyst within time.

2. Hormonal procedure

The doctor may order to do hormonal therapy such as tamoxifen, which helps to reduce the breast cyst in women. But birth control pill helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. Using birth control pills can help to reduce the recurrence of the breast cyst. But there can be many side effects because of hormonal therapy such as headache, anxiety, and nausea. 

3. Surgery

Surgery is a serious process. If the condition of the breast cyst is critical or if the breast cyst contains blood-tinged fluid, then the doctor may order a surgery immediately to avoid any risk. 


A breast cyst can be painful if it is in a serious situation. Some home treatments can help to minimize the pain including:

1. Take a compress

A warm or cold compress can reduce the pain of breast cyst. Normally warm compress reduces pain in the muscle under the breast, so it can be beneficial. But applying some ice cubes into the breast area can help to relax the breast pain.

2. Wear a comfortable bra

During the days of breast cyst pain, it’s very important to avoid any tight inner-wear. To reduce the breast cyst pain you should wear a comfortable and supportive bra.

3. Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek seeds are one of the best methods to reduce pain. Fenugreek seeds are known to keep healthy breasts. Applying a fenugreek seed paste can stop the breast pain for some time. You can consume directly fenugreek seeds, after soaking in water for overnight. Women can have fenugreek seed to keep breast healthy.

4. Avoid salt

Many women’s with breast cyst has found that less sodium diet can reduce the pain of breast. But it’s not scientifically proved. 

5. Less physical movement

It’s very important that during breast pain women should not move the breast area. If you are in pain of breast cyst then you should not do any heavy physical movement such as gym workout or any yoga.

6. Asleep

Usually, the pain of a breast cyst is not bearable. But proper sleep can reduce the pain of breast cysts for a short time. 

7. Avoid caffeine

Well, it’s not medically informed that caffeine can reduce breast cyst pain, but some women with breast cyst have experienced that avoiding coffee can help to reduce the pain for some time. 


A breast cyst is one of the common diseases in women. The chances of breast cysts are very rare or almost no. It’s very important to treat a breast cyst within the time otherwise it can turn into cancer or any other health risks. 

Breast changes in women are very normal. Some women experience breast pain before the menstrual cycle or during pregnancy or in the aging. 

The breast cyst can occur on both sides. If you are having all the symptoms of breast cyst then you should seek an appointment with an experienced doctor. 

Breast Cyst

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