Brain injury trauma – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Brain injury trauma - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Brain injury trauma occurs when an external force injures the human brain and results in damage to the brain. Almost all over the world, it is one of the major causes of sudden death and many physical disabilities. A head injury can affect dangerously including concussion, skull fracture, and scalp injury. A serious skull fracture or deep scalp injury can penetrate the brain tissues.

Brain injury trauma can disrupt our daily activities. After the accident, the person may be confused, not remember anything, have dizziness or unconscious. A brain injury can affect the impression in our daily lives. Some serious problems can appear fast and maybe immediately and some can appear later as dangerous physical disabilities. A hematoma is one of the most serious conditions of brain injury. Hematomas are a collection or blood clot outside the blood vessels of the human brain. Hematoma can cause you to lose consciousness.

There are many physical symptoms of a brain injury such as :

  • Having unusual sleep.
  • Nausea or vomiting feeling.
  • Fatigue.
  • Physical imbalance.
  • Headache.
  • Dizziness or unconscious.
  • Mentally confused or disoriented.
  • Having a problem understanding simple things.
  • Loss of conscious for some time.
  • Mood swing problem.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Having a blurred vision.
  • Memory or focus or concentrate problem.
  • Seizures.


The most common cause of brain injury trauma in the world includes violence, transportations accident, building construction, and sports injury. But the car and bike accident is the major cause of brain injury trauma. Small children fall are also the most common cause of brain injury trauma. The entire world is experiencing traffic accidents and which is one of the most common causes of sudden death. Work-related accidents or industrial accidents and blast accidents are also a common cause of brain injury trauma.


If a person is experiencing all the symptoms of brain injury trauma then he/she should seek medical treatment immediately. A simple brain injury can turn into a serious problem. So brain injury or head injury should not be taken easily. Medical treatment can help to treat our problems they all are very trained to move injured people carefully without affecting any other serious problems.

A doctor will guide you in the best way to treat your brain injury trauma fast. The doctor may examine your brain injury, including swelling. The doctor may order a neurological examination and during this exam, the doctor may evaluate the patient’s nerve function by accessing the mind’s muscle, tissue, eye movement, and sensations. Doctor orders these tests to identify the condition of brain injury.

The doctor may order a CT scan to diagnose the head injury. CT scan can help to doctor to identify any fracture, bleeding, and swelling, blood clot or any other brain structural damage. If a doctor feels that CT scans are not beneficial to that patient, then the doctor may order an MRI to go deeper with the condition of the brain injury.


A brain injury can be treated by proper medical treatments. But it depends on the condition of brain injury. If a brain injury is mild then a doctor may suggest some medicines and also good care of health. But if the condition of brain injury is very deep then the doctor may treat an injury deeply with some treatments such as :

1. Medication  

A doctor may suggest some medicine to recover brain injury trauma such as anti-seizure medication. But as an immediate medication, a doctor may suggest oxygen and some nutrients. If the condition of the brain injury is serious then the doctor may use medication to put you in an induced coma.

2. Surgery 

At the very serious stage of brain injury, a doctor may order brain surgery to handle brain injury. That time the doctor may try to remove a hematoma, repair the skull or can try to release some pressure from the skull.

3. Rehabilitation 

If a patient’s brain injury trauma is very serious then the doctor may suggest rehabilitation to regain the full brain function. Rehabilitation helps patients to regain mobility and speech. This aims to improve the independent function of our home and in society and also help to adapt to disabilities. After the discharge from the rehabilitation, the care may be given on an outpatient basis.


A brain injury trauma not only can effect in our brain but also effects in our families lives. A brain injury should be treated immediately at the right time. Many times the patients need to hospitalize for a long time and if the condition is very serious then the patient can go into a coma for some time or for a long time.

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