Fracture of bones – types, symptoms, treatment, and surgery

The fracture of bones is when our bone is broken or fractured. A fracture and broken bones are the same things. But most of the people think that a fracture is a hairline break, but this is not true.

8 types of fracture of bones

  • 1. Transverse fracture:  The break is in a straight line across the bone.
  • 2. Oblique fracture:  Diagonal break.
  • 3. Comminuted fracture:.  This break occurs when the break is in 3-4 or more pieces and the fragments are present at the fracture site.
  • 4. Stable fracture:  When the bone is out of its place.
  • 5. Pathologic fracture:  When a bone breaks in an area that was already weakened by another disease.
  • 6. Stress fracture:  A normal and simple crack in a bone caused by stress or any force. It’s a hairline crack.
  • 7. Greenstick fracture:   Incomplete fracture which occurs most of the time in children.
  • 8. Compound fracture:  When the skin may be pierced by the bone.
Bones Fracture Treatment Fast  -  types , symptoms , treatment and surgery

A serious and deep fracture can have big complications if they are getting proper medical treatment on time. The complications can occur, such as damage to blood vessels, damage nerves, infection on bones or tissue damage.

A minor and normal fracture in babies may take time about 3-4 weeks to recover but a serious and deeply injured fracture in adults and the older persons can take time about 2-3 months to heal properly.

Symptoms of the fracture of bones

Here are the symptoms such as:

  • 1. Deformity of a particular leg or an arm.
  • 2. Weakens a particular part of the human body and an inability to bear weight on the affected area.
  • 3. Swelling over the body.
  • 4. Deep pain in the injured is that can get worse when the area is moved.
  • 5. Occur changing color into dark blue or red.


Most of the fracture is caused by deep fall, twisting injuries and when outside forces such as direct blows are applied to the bone. A bone fracture, bone crack, bone break are all meaning the same. Some bones are extremely strong naturally. People with several serious diseases such as cancer, the tumor can make bones weak and can increase the risk of fractures.

Bones Fracture Treatment Fast  -  types , symptoms , treatment and surgery

Diagnosis and treatment: 

After a very serious fracture injury, medical treatment needs immediately. At the very fast the doctor may order to do an X-ray, MRI and CT scan. Mild and normal heals automatically within some weeks. But medical treatment needs immediately to the patient. There are some treatments for the fracture, such as:

  • 1. Plastic functional braces:   The plastic functional brace works very well to heal our bones fast and it keeps our bones in the right position.
  • 2.  Metal plates:   Metal plates are very beneficial to recover it.
  • 3. Surgery:  If there is any tissue damage or skin damage then the doctor may suggest plastic surgery in that area.
  • 4. Therapy:  Therapy helps to create activity in our damaged tissues and skins. If any joint area is injured, then there is a chance of permanent stiffness or arthritis. So if there are any needs, to have a therapy, then the doctor will suggest defining.
Bones Fracture Treatment Fast  -  types , symptoms , treatment and surgery

Home treatments of the fracture of bones

A serious injury can’t recover easily by home remedies. But home treatments can support the recovery process fast. The human body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium exposure, to sunlight. Milk, butter, yogurt, egg yolk, and green vegetables are a very good source of vitamin D.
A proper amount of sleep can help to recover the injured area fast. So a good and complete enough sleep is also a very good idea to cure bone fracture.

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