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Press Release Nasima Health

We have changed our website from to, to give people more information in a better way. Due to the lack of economy available to us, the website was hosted on

To upload more information I have moved our domain to a new subdomain, known as which is a health and fitness website operated by me.

The aim of the website has not changed, but the site has been given a new domain, to serve more health and fitness information on my website. Apart from the new website, we have also changed our website logo to reflect the new changes and to serve as the primary means of visual identification of the rebranded site dedicated to the work in question.
We (the site admins and webmasters) are very eager to add more informative articles to our new site When it comes to site quality and loading speed, we believe our past domain was bothering the site visitors over the slow internet connection that made us move our old one to the new domain known as

A Few Specific reasons that led us to change our domain:

  1. was a little bit expensive and hard to remember.
  2. We found the .com domain much better than the past one.
  3. The old domain was not receiving better quality traffic.
  4. We are very comfortable with our new domain and hope you too.
All the posts written/published earlier on our old domain has not been removed or changed, and they are now available in our new domain that is currently available to our site visitors. 
We hope you will keep supporting us.
If you want to leave your comments whether they are positive or negative than kindly do let us know.

About Nasima Khatun

Hello everyone, I'm a health and fitness writer on my own website. I'm recently working on my website regularly. All of the information on my website is based on scientific research and nutritional facts.

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