How long does alcohol stay in your stomach?

The Internet is giving lots of information about how long does alcohol stay in your stomach and the main reasons not to drinking alcohol. But be very alert about the original facts and baseless myths. Because there are many baseless things and many things which are very much original. But the benefits of drinking alcohol is minimum, while the risks of drinking alcohol are more and very serious.
How long does alcohol stay in your stomach

How long does alcohol stay in your stomach?

1. Alcohol contains lots of unhealthy calories

Alcohol contains a huge amount of sugar and almost has no nutritional protein. Every 100 gram of alcohol has 250 calories, 0.4 gram of protein and sugar or the carbohydrates is 6 gram. Alcohol contains a huge amount of calories.
You can transfer the carbohydrates or the sugar as your energy, but you can not transfer into nutrition. Most of the alcohol such as whiskey, rum, beer, wine are made from sugar or starch. The sugar in alcohol is processed, so stop drinking alcohol or minimize the amount of drinking alcohol.

2. Alcohol can increase the risk of Diabetes

I have discussed that sugar contains a huge amount of sugar and carbohydrates which can turn into glucose and can increase the risk of blood sugar. Drinking alcohol regularly can cause blood sugar to rise very fast.
Drinking alcohol occasionally can not be that much harmful. Alcohol always demotes the diabetic person’s mind not to follow their diabetes diet plan.
How long does alcohol stay in your stomach

3. Alcohol can increase our anxiety and depression level

Drinking alcohol regularly can increase the disorder of depression and anxiety. Normally depression can cause sadness, anger, mood off and emptiness. Over 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide. Alcohol helps to damage our brain’s nerves gradually and destroys the ability to think and focus on something.

4. Alcohol can increase the obesity problem

Alcohol contains a huge amount of sugar and carbohydrates which increases gradually your weight and after some time you may suffer from obesity. Most of the people who drink alcohol found that it increases the belly fat very fast.
Today medical research also has shown that obesity and the habit of drinking alcohol are highly connected. 100 gram of alcohol such as rum, whiskey, wine has 250 calories. But alcohol has no protein, vitamins, and fiber which are very beneficial to keep the human body healthy.

5. Alcohol makes you addicted

Alcohol tastes not that good, but people who drink regularly alcohol becomes tasty for them. Basically, alcohol is an addictive depressant drug. People with depression or stress feel relax while they drink alcohol in excessive amount. This is why people feel addicted to drinking alcohol. Habits can vary to the person from monthly to daily. But most people drink alcohol on a daily basis.

6. Alcohol increases the risk of cholesterol

Alcohol contains a huge amount of sugar which makes it a very high-calorie drink. Sugar that alcohol content is processed, which is equal to unhealthy fats. That is why alcohol increases the risk of cholesterol problem and gradually it damages the heart, liver, and nerves.

7. Alcohol is very dangerous for kidney

There is a myth that alcohol decreases the life span, which is not baseless. Alcohol damages the kidney very fast. Alcohol promotes the lives disease and gradually kidney diseases such as kidney failure, kidney stones. It helps to keep your kidney unable to work properly.

8. Alcohol increases the risk of cancer

Doctors strictly suggest avoiding alcohol to cancer patients. Shockingly, alcohol promotes 8 types of cancer including breast, mouth, stomach, liver, throat, bowel, throat, pharyngeal. Almost 80 people die monthly because of drinking alcohol regularly. Most of the people over the world are suffering from the deadly disease of cancer.

9. Increases the blood pressure

Alcohol is the source of a huge amounts of processed sugar which are equal to unhealthy fats. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis can lead to chronic hypertension, which is a risk factor for coronary artery disease. Research has shown that drinking alcohol in 3-4 drinks in one sitting can increase the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

10. Increases many chronic diseases

Research has shown that alcohol promotes many chronic health diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, liver damages, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), diabetes and some mental disorder. Regularly consuming alcohol can decrease your lifespan.

11. It promotes many heart diseases

Alcohol is not deadly, but it can turn into a deadly drink if you drink alcohol on a daily basis or regularly. Because it leads to a level of toxic substances in your blood which increases many heart diseases such as heart failure (systolic and diastolic heart failure), heart attack, heart stroke. Alcohol increases blood pressure, cholesterol and arterial plaque.

12. Alcohol breaks the bonding with your family

Drinking alcohol is not an ideal habit, because most people who drink alcohol don’t behave politely with their families. And for that people starts losing the bonding of their love and understanding with family, friends and partner or lover, because it is not healthy habits at all to drink alcohol in a huge amount on daily basis.

13. It damages the digestive system

“Alcohol is bad for health”, the myth is not wrong. Alcohol contains a huge amount of sugar and regularly drinking alcohol damages the tissues of the intestine and prevents your intestine from digesting the meal and absorbing the nutrients. For that, it can increase many health problems such as malnutrition, bloating, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, ulcer, and gassiness.

14. Very dangerous for pregnant women

The doctor strictly suggests preventing alcohol consumption during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Because there is a high chance to occur fetal alcohol syndrome in pregnant women who drink alcohol excessively. There is another reason not to drink alcohol during the pregnancy, and that is the alcohol passes through the placenta and into the bloodstream of the baby.
How long does alcohol stay in your stomach

15. Damages the bones and muscles strength

Drinking an excessive amounts of alcohol can cause weakness in the bones and muscles. Regular consumption of alcohol makes your bones thinner and which is proven by recent medical research. Also alcohol slower the bones healing process if there is any fracture in the bones. Alcohol slower damages the tissues and muscles in the human body and lead to muscle weakness, cramping, and atrophy.

16. Alcohol stops the physiological growth

This a shocking statement that alcohol stops the physiological growth of young people. Young people who drink alcohol regularly think that they are very much adult, but this a misconception of their mind. Because alcohol slower or stops the ability to grow maturely.

How long does alcohol stay in your stomach ?

The substance is absorbed into our bloodstream through the stomach of human body, affecting the kidneys, bladder, liver, lungs and also our skin.
There are lots knowledge about How long does alcohol stay in your stomach and also people shares lots of reasons to stop drinking alcohol, but some people who drink alcohol fount it beneficial for their health.
But drinking it in excessive amounts can not be healthy ever. If you want to drink it occasionally, then you can drink it in a minimum amount. But make sure you are not doing the habit of drinking alcohol on a regular basis.

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